Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Toyota Supra!!!

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Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Toyota Supra!!! This is what were all about! Buying something epic and finding out everything about it later. This Supra was involved in some sort of collision that resulted in it being totaled out and the car also has zero power. We are super excited to dig into this one and see what all the hype is about for these cars. Thanks For Watching!!!!
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Amar Ahmad Fauzan
Amar Ahmad Fauzan 3 ditë më parë
GR was gazoo racing
dubcotics 11 ditë më parë
I love the songs!
Kaleb 14 ditë më parë
16:46 Dueling Dangs
skyler smith
skyler smith 24 ditë më parë
Love the vids
skyler smith
skyler smith 24 ditë më parë
The gr stands for general racing because the parts are mainly gm parts
skyler smith
skyler smith 24 ditë më parë
There are 2 battery s there is one in the passenger foot whell the one by the engine if for all the engine functions and the one inside the care is for the trunk and interior stuff and there is a red pro package and it comes with a turbocharged 6cilinder and when the battery goes dead you half to re program the whole system
I 27 ditë më parë
Where in America are you guys from?
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Muaj më parë
Wrecking a 2020 Toyota Supra means being an idiot driver.
وسيم الجابري
وسيم الجابري Muaj më parë
Prod. LILBinkZ
Prod. LILBinkZ Muaj më parë
Wellllll first of all you didn’t rebuild anything... it’s a waste of time for me
Louie Ediong
Louie Ediong Muaj më parë
Time to rebuild dude I can’t wait to see the outcome.
Ronit Roy
Ronit Roy Muaj më parë
Goonzquad do a wide body kit for Toyota supra
Techno Channel
Techno Channel Muaj më parë
It's beatifull car broo 👍
Mark Wolf
Mark Wolf Muaj më parë
Just buy fork extenders for the forklift? Then you guys will have the smaller forks when you need them then slide on the extenders when you need those.
Space Bar • 9 Years ago
Space Bar • 9 Years ago Muaj më parë
The Supra got wrecked beacuse it got wrecked
CHEATER BRE Muaj më parë
Check playlist of some older builds:
Rubbeat Muaj më parë
The vents are designed to make it real
HOME PROJECT23 Muaj më parë
nice car dude legit
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed Muaj më parë
Goonzquads first BMW rebuild😮😂
Aidan Dunn
Aidan Dunn Muaj më parë
“I want to see under this hood” “Let’s look in the interior first” “Yea I don’t want to look in this yet “
QuailsAreFat Muaj më parë
Nice bmw
Christian Campos
Christian Campos Muaj më parë
When are you going to finish the Worlds largest forklift
Shooter 808
Shooter 808 Muaj më parë
Fucking bmw
CRaftsx Muaj më parë
How much for the wrecked one?
Black Rose
Black Rose 2 muaj më parë
Nice BMW
jack armando
jack armando 2 muaj më parë
just ask BMW if you have any questions :)
Time Travel63
Time Travel63 2 muaj më parë
Where do you get the sanding blockes from
the factory001
the factory001 2 muaj më parë
didn't know people can break supras this fast.
muzamil muzamil6
muzamil muzamil6 2 muaj më parë
Toyota sucks
Mini-ITX RiG
Mini-ITX RiG 2 muaj më parë
1:43 guyzz this thing needs proper exhaust
Mike Ellington
Mike Ellington 2 muaj më parë
Why is it when they talk it sounds so scripted
Hannible 100
Hannible 100 2 muaj më parë
How much did you pay for the car?
Alessandro narom
Alessandro narom 2 muaj më parë
That's NOT a supra!, it's a bmw
jeanne pierre dorrington
jeanne pierre dorrington 2 muaj më parë
You you and your friend should really stop talking so much on with the car video and if you'd wanna make videos on ALpost please learn to shut up and not talk so much and just get on with the damn video and just shut the hell up
Bobdingle25 2 muaj më parë
"You can add vents".... The car version of in-game purchases
Prit Malwa
Prit Malwa 2 muaj më parë
Good job bro
Klg 42
Klg 42 2 muaj më parë
Cannot even compare the gtr to that supra man🤦🏻‍♂️
bill kerman
bill kerman 2 muaj më parë
Rebuilding A Wrecked BMW Z4
Chips Motorsports LLC
Chips Motorsports LLC 2 muaj më parë
So you are those arm swinging f...ks that bid 28k for this supra against me. Should have known only clowns over pay !!!
Jashen Salagoste
Jashen Salagoste 2 muaj më parë
karelpipa 2 muaj më parë
duuuuude this suuuuuupraaa iss suuuuuuuper siiiiiiiick
Uthmaan Noble
Uthmaan Noble 2 muaj më parë
Gazoo Racing
Glitch System
Glitch System 2 muaj më parë
This wasn't really that exciting
Cecel Prucel
Cecel Prucel 2 muaj më parë
The gr its mean gazoo racing
ROAGUE 2 muaj më parë
The gr stands for gazoo racing!
Vincent Van
Vincent Van 2 muaj më parë
After watching this video the car person inside of me hurted so bad, GR means Gazoo Racing ,that’s not a launch edition because if it was then it would’ve said it on the panel near the glovebox, plus there should be a button on the door or near where you turn on the headlights and remote start should be 3x lock and hold on 3 time since part of it is a Toyota
Mohd Ezzharuddin
Mohd Ezzharuddin 2 muaj më parë
Codi Frigo
Codi Frigo 2 muaj më parë
Yall should put an 08 GTO together
Salty_ Spudson
Salty_ Spudson 2 muaj më parë
i havent seen any updates on the Goozquad headquarters! what has been going on with it?
Daniel Ringhiser
Daniel Ringhiser 2 muaj më parë
It's a supra BMW
Justin Fallon
Justin Fallon 2 muaj më parë
I love how he says tee-yota
Dylan marchnanks
Dylan marchnanks 2 muaj më parë
It sucks that bmw built it
Václav Horníček
Václav Horníček 2 muaj më parë
oh my god, what if you 2jz swapped it
Havier 2 muaj më parë
"is that a supra" doesn't work with this one, idk its feels odd :(
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 2 muaj më parë
It’s base on the Z4 and if it doesn’t turn on it’s do to the BST cable on the battery positive terminal side
Pierre Labbe
Pierre Labbe 2 muaj më parë
Love Canada...😇🎶🚩💜💞
Francisco Lezama
Francisco Lezama 2 muaj më parë
John Webber
John Webber 2 muaj më parë
Hey Guys... I just finished watching this vid, and as you off loaded the supra my first thought was - Why don't they trim the tree and shrubs back away from the fence so they wouldn't have to wrap it. And, to be able to bring cars into the driveway to buy some box tubing to slip over the forks of the forklift to let you move the cars like they do at copart.
Nota Rookee
Nota Rookee 2 muaj më parë
Here’s a link for forklift extensions
Gideon Timmermans
Gideon Timmermans 2 muaj më parë
GR stands for Goonzquad Racing😜😉👊🏻
cyber Gaming
cyber Gaming 2 muaj më parë
The car is a facke vent
Neox 2 muaj më parë
Thats Sad. I thougt Supra owners know how to Drive
John Rajek
John Rajek 2 muaj më parë
Bro you need to restore an honda civic eg hatchback🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥
Bahast Kurd
Bahast Kurd 2 muaj më parë
rebuilding a Toyota Supra
Gaby pau pau
Gaby pau pau 2 muaj më parë
el toyotaaaaaaaaa terminalo
jcoco 1
jcoco 1 2 muaj më parë
Sees a collar. Goonz : this is sick! 😂😂 Funny af
BigDawgEnt 3 muaj më parë
Goonzquad out here tryna be Copart
Hemanth Nagaraj
Hemanth Nagaraj 3 muaj më parë
Guys, what happened to this build? Are you going to be taking this up after you complete the Jeep Trail Hawk? Regards, Hemanth Nagaraj
very long ago
very long ago 3 muaj më parë
Peterson Maria
Peterson Maria 3 muaj më parë
b. john
b. john 3 muaj më parë
for me if the supra didnt use 2jz enjin that mean the car is not supra...because 2jz is the heart of toyota supra....btw maybe stupid rich kids trying to showoff and then crash the supra lol...
MASROOR Khan 3 muaj më parë
You all should also rebuild some luxury segment cars.
teeburshow 3 muaj më parë
ugly for me. GTR and the old supra still looks better.
DuckGuide 3 muaj më parë
1:44 Behind the forks, You’ve got bamboo?? What kind is it? I’m in Iowa and I have a few types in the ground Phyllostachys Nuda, Nigra, Aureosulcata, and Bambusoides and another unknown variety
DuckGuide 3 muaj më parë
“Teeyota”? Last I know it was “TOY-ota” lol
Mullet Aquatic life
Mullet Aquatic life 3 muaj më parë
Did u know that deep down in the engine there is a tiny turbo and it has the bmw logo on it
M Starcevic
M Starcevic 3 muaj më parë
Launch edition came with brembo brakes
Nhịp Sống Đăk Nông
Nhịp Sống Đăk Nông 3 muaj më parë
Josh 3 muaj më parë
2jz it
Frank Guzman
Frank Guzman 3 muaj më parë
Esta con madres El pinche Supra vatos locos se nota que gastan bastante en junk
A J 3 muaj më parë
I need one of them
HolyBrodel 311
HolyBrodel 311 3 muaj më parë
Think the footage of your Supra wrecking is in this video.
Dilawar Lutfi
Dilawar Lutfi 3 muaj më parë
It is a launch edition. All the launch editions come with the red side mirrors. Thats how u differentiate between a base (for now) and a launch edition.
Dilawar Lutfi
Dilawar Lutfi 3 muaj më parë
Damn toyota really went “Vents sold separately” on the Supra
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 3 muaj më parë
Lol that cat was straight chilling in the track hawk
Walter von Borstel
Walter von Borstel 3 muaj më parë
Aaaawwww, fork it!!!!
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams 3 muaj më parë
Hey Guys. I know you are so busy. I live in Arizona and watch your videos it's a nice thing to do after getting home. I am wondering if you have thought about. Rebuild a car or truck from the ground up, every nut every bolt as if it were brand new and make it a classic hot rod. I think it would be sick to have the very best rebuild, oh and make it a street legal but just barley. Y'all do a awesome job already but kick it up a little bit. Thank you
Nicholas 350Z
Nicholas 350Z 3 muaj më parë
Gr stands for gazoo racing
Nicholas 350Z
Nicholas 350Z 3 muaj më parë
It’s a bmw i563 6.2L v8
Mohammed El Sanousi
Mohammed El Sanousi 3 muaj më parë
What happened to this BMW ?
samir arradi abbud
samir arradi abbud 4 muaj më parë
chedacheese 4 muaj më parë
"teeyota soopra" -stopped watching.
Leandro Antônio
Leandro Antônio 4 muaj më parë
i really like yor videos i would like to do the same with my car i have a peugeot 406 year 1999 model 2000 but i don't have the money for that they would like to renovate it for me
Ruben Ursaki
Ruben Ursaki 4 muaj më parë
i love the builds
R Dehart
R Dehart 4 muaj më parë
Theres a red 2020 that drives by everyday. They are beautiful cars. You guys are fortunate for sure. Cant wait to see the completion
Call Me Gamer
Call Me Gamer 4 muaj më parë
Is that a new supra.😱 Make that fake vent into real one.
Hanru Strydom
Hanru Strydom 4 muaj më parë
GR stands for Gazoo Racing. Its Toyota's racing flag.
Vlopddap 4 muaj më parë
Why did pop's truck is still taken appart without the bed??
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 4 muaj më parë
Great video Idea for your fork truck make adaptors like ramps have that can lift the cars on there supports
JMAN TV 4 muaj më parë
more new toyota supra
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