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We are so thankful for all the love and support we get from each and every one of our subscribers!!! This journey has been absolutely life changing. We are so blessed to be in this position and we couldn't have done it without you. We put together this video to give you guys an update on all of the builds and also give you an idea of what the future holds! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Hundrooo 6 muaj më parë
Congratulations, I feel like im family watching yall grow on this channel, been a long time coming, thank you for the best car content on the platform!
Marci Koncsor
Marci Koncsor 20 ditë më parë
@Ethan Official H b
Albaro Castellanos
Albaro Castellanos 4 muaj më parë
You should keep it if you’re popes truck brakes down
__ 5 muaj më parë
Ethan Official they’ll get enough from youtube lol
Anises 5 muaj më parë
PinksGrandMaster they will
Cristhian Lizardo
Cristhian Lizardo 5 muaj më parë
What about get a NSX Acura?
Zakaria Yusuf
Zakaria Yusuf 23 orë më parë
can yall do another ford truck bulid would love to see that
Phil McCracken
Phil McCracken 3 ditë më parë
These guys live a great life. Initiative and hard work pay off.
wolfman st
wolfman st 3 ditë më parë
i miss my mustang one day ill get one again and out in fl not to many cars that are not stander but u all keep up the good work you all doing happy late thanksgiving and merry xmis to u all
Karson Krits
Karson Krits 8 ditë më parë
I just want to see the finished mariah boat please
Nathan Brinker
Nathan Brinker 10 ditë më parë
man i wonder what their insurance a month is
Beswithcars 11 ditë më parë
You have inspired me to start my own channell
Beswithcars 11 ditë më parë
Great job !!!!
Marco Gonzalez
Marco Gonzalez 12 ditë më parë
Almost 1 million 💵 in stock cars😬
Marco Gonzalez
Marco Gonzalez 12 ditë më parë
Hellcat its a beast 👍
Rodolfo Hernandez
Rodolfo Hernandez 12 ditë më parë
These guys are amazing and very shoking
Tolohtony 12 ditë më parë
Have only caught a couple of episodes from these 2 guys. Gives me hope. Ideal for my 2 boys to turn out half as well.
Haydn Zeiset
Haydn Zeiset 12 ditë më parë
Should try a restomod on an old muscle car
R J7
R J7 13 ditë më parë
2 million subscribers celebration and.. 2 million views.. 😍🤗🎉❤️
Clayton Rodriguez
Clayton Rodriguez 13 ditë më parë
Love you guys but finish you must finish !! Sorry
FLYING JOKER BB 15 ditë më parë
How much for the Denali ... I love the lift
FLYING JOKER BB 15 ditë më parë
What would be the cost for the hellcat as I would be interested in buying but has to be transported to Poland ...
Olivier Pépin
Olivier Pépin 18 ditë më parë
why was the sound bad on this video
Olivier Pépin
Olivier Pépin 18 ditë më parë
y’all should REALLY get some cover for every car because it’s just soooo sad seing them in this condition
CTN YOUNGIN 19 ditë më parë
Can I have the hellcat:/
Isaiah Fedur
Isaiah Fedur 23 ditë më parë
That’s almost 1 million in value. Wow.
FatherTrillx 23 ditë më parë
The nissan gtr is my dream car ! i wish i could afford it im rebuilding and repairing my stepdads old 1998 chevy c1500 cause i dont have the funds to buy a new car im trying my best but part after part keeps needing repair just got new tires on it $600 and now the bushings are failing probably gonna need new shocks too with a part time job this thing is killing me if you guys have any tips you could share please send em through and really love the content ive been a huge fan for a long time i try my best to watch all the videos you guys are amazing !!!
Martynas Bukontas
Martynas Bukontas 25 ditë më parë
im happy for u boyzzzz
Gamma Trading
Gamma Trading 27 ditë më parë
You guys should paint the trim the dark mountain shadow colour
bodegaboys 29 ditë më parë
Do you guys sell cars at all? I’m in Virginia and can insure a rebuilt title
Habib Zaman
Habib Zaman Muaj më parë
Sad to see this monster gtr has another home.😔
វឌ្ឍនា Epic music-meme
វឌ្ឍនា Epic music-meme Muaj më parë
Drive a little fast police waiting
វឌ្ឍនា Epic music-meme
វឌ្ឍនា Epic music-meme Muaj më parë
Please don’t sale a sport car
Fernando Monge
Fernando Monge Muaj më parë
Like how you guys make build and that keeps me interested so keep it guys and one thing what happen to the camaro?
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. Muaj më parë
Spinning&Grinning your New shirt saying
VFor Vendetta
VFor Vendetta Muaj më parë
Where’s the Camaro?????
Martin Munoz
Martin Munoz Muaj më parë
Do you want to sell the s2000 i would like to know the price if you guys want to sale?
Darma Sastha
Darma Sastha Muaj më parë
ken davis
ken davis Muaj më parë
Hello I watch you guys all the time but I would like to know how you guys got start and can I be y’all camera guy big up goonzquad
zspohranicna9 Skola
zspohranicna9 Skola Muaj më parë
Where is the viper and corvete ?
BarTi Oz
BarTi Oz Muaj më parë
hellcat red
BarTi Oz
BarTi Oz Muaj më parë
2 mill what about 3 mill
AmusedGiraffe15 Muaj më parë
Did it cost much building the cars?
DeathRow Muaj më parë
be nice if i could win one of the cars.lol
yuiel tesfay
yuiel tesfay Muaj më parë
Why was the Dodge viper not included?
Boosteds550 2 muaj më parë
How much are you selling your Ferrari
Kyaw Htet
Kyaw Htet 2 muaj më parë
hi guys love ur work really want to see Hummer H3 u guys build!
david thomas
david thomas 2 muaj më parë
is there anything you lads cant turn your hands to great team work
Ibrahim Rafi Pasha student
Ibrahim Rafi Pasha student 2 muaj më parë
Hey, i am new to this channel, but i gotta say, I LOVE THIS CHANNEL RIGHT AWAY. yall are posting useful vids, chill, and yall seem like a cool person. you look down to earth cause i see it from your outfits that you dont look rich but you are! SUPPORTING FROM INDONESIA HERE.
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 2 muaj më parë
someone that had a gtr said there was a bracket to fit to the gear box it was a manufactuers fault
Frey Ravin
Frey Ravin 2 muaj më parë
Ha, all you that been watching since the start! I just recently started watching. Binge watch heaven.......you jealous......I know!! I will lament when I have to wait for next video to drop too!!
Jay P
Jay P 2 muaj më parë
Nice to see the Mustang come back from looking like a derelict to showroom ready again
Edilson Carneiro
Edilson Carneiro 2 muaj më parë
Show esse carro
Aref Eshghi
Aref Eshghi 2 muaj më parë
You had a car in your brother’s garage too!
Aref Eshghi
Aref Eshghi 2 muaj më parë
Pain the Hellcat F8 Green.
M 2 muaj më parë
Try rebuilding a Nissan GTR R34
EddieK0027 2 muaj më parë
Billy took that turn and his facial expression says it all. 😂 😂 😂
Jose Urzua
Jose Urzua 2 muaj më parë
How much for the gmc
GOD GAMER 2 muaj më parë
I watch you channel from 10k
sexy _dimples33 sexy215
sexy _dimples33 sexy215 2 muaj më parë
Hey fellas, my name is Howard Sutphin. I love watching you guys videos. Y'all have me in my garage going things to my vehicles I never thought I could do. Keep up the good because I'm hooked on vids.
sirveer seegobin
sirveer seegobin 2 muaj më parë
Congratulations, really enjoy watching you guys build, I have been a fan since the Rubicon build 2 years ago, you guys really accomplished alot in 2 years👌
Ryan Coleman
Ryan Coleman 2 muaj më parë
how much for the Duramax??
Ryan Coleman
Ryan Coleman 2 muaj më parë
Prew Dreww
Prew Dreww 2 muaj më parë
No man at least keep one of the ferraris😭
M J 2 muaj më parë
barely realized this but are they twins
Daud Aria
Daud Aria 2 muaj më parë
2Mill and still dont know their name, anyone know?
Eryk Brian
Eryk Brian 3 muaj më parë
You guys doing a good job
Edward Harrell
Edward Harrell 3 muaj më parë
Dang son,I will never have enough money 💰 to buy the duramax,but I would do anything for it,I would leave my family for a lil bit of time to come and do work for yall,anything ill would b yalls slave, ive never had a truck and I'm 46,I guess that enough begging, lol,love yall guy,yall r always 😃 and in good moods,#slave
Jorge Pineda
Jorge Pineda 3 muaj më parë
George 305 Congrats to you and family blessings. Do a drawing for one of cars has a thanks to viewer blessings
Ava Knox
Ava Knox 3 muaj më parë
We’re do you look when u guys put them up for sale?
Kumpo _34
Kumpo _34 3 muaj më parë
I know I’m not the only one that wishes they would have test drive the gmc duramax
Not my Video!
Not my Video! 3 muaj më parë
Damn bro I love how there always positive keep it up guys good work better things in the future
Jarmo Jokijärvi
Jarmo Jokijärvi 3 muaj më parë
wiggle109 Rivera
wiggle109 Rivera 3 muaj më parë
How much are you gonna sell the Ferrari for?
Tzolkin Man
Tzolkin Man 3 muaj më parë
All the grass comments, gays and gals, its fairly clear these boys are aware thats why they mentioned their planning on a garage build hello, hey.... remember... Rome as they say was not built in a day JS. relax a bit it will be OK. Great video, respectful and exciting, good editing too I must say. you guys rock, perfect? probably not but ho is anyone? NOPE perfect is a fallacy that only exist in the minds of simpletons who are imperfect themselves. for those of you bitching, lets see your work so we can all show you your own imperfections, bring it... js. .
Coco FPV
Coco FPV 3 muaj më parë
How much for the Ferrari
Sam Kalma
Sam Kalma 3 muaj më parë
where's the money come from?
Ifeellikesatan 3 muaj më parë
We're missing the demon
Ifeellikesatan 3 muaj më parë
We won't tell nobody except for the 1.8 million people watching the video
Cleven Huggins
Cleven Huggins 3 muaj më parë
How many cars do you guys have? I know I’m commenting 3 months late lol. Please reply
OFF AXIS BUILDS 3 muaj më parë
great content. how the heck can you afford all those cars without selling any?
Aaron Breckenridge
Aaron Breckenridge 3 muaj më parë
Someone donate these guys some car covers....
Demon Quick
Demon Quick 3 muaj më parë
Wide body kit with red eye hood would be nice on the hellcat
Christopher Budzinack
Christopher Budzinack 3 muaj më parë
I love the 370z I was hoping to see it again
Raul 3 muaj më parë
we're just makin' popcorn back there.. lmao :)
TTV_Recklord 3 muaj më parë
Not the gtr
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough 3 muaj më parë
Content idea: Do one weekend a month devoted to Goonzquad fan appreciation day. Whereupon, you have a monthly drawing and give away a few laps ( or some such) on a local track or street in one of your finished builds or cars dedicated to that purpose. Live streaming the "race track laps" or "drag strip" runs would be so cool. Comments? Congrats for 2 million subs!
Gavin Kepler
Gavin Kepler 3 muaj më parë
That music sounded like jack and gab it’s sad it’s over
R. 3 muaj më parë
Stars should be on the left side of the flag as you view the shirt.
The Jessie 92
The Jessie 92 3 muaj më parë
Where’s the camaro??
Berry Bonds
Berry Bonds 3 muaj më parë
Had a few videos pop up in my feed over last couple of weeks. Watched each one till the end and was hooked. So with the new property cant wait to see what yall do with it. Keep up the awesome videos.
Duck EliTheBomb
Duck EliTheBomb 3 muaj më parë
pulls done in mexico
Tames_Games 3 muaj më parë
Did they say just a truck?
D Clark
D Clark 3 muaj më parë
Must be lucky whoever is backing you guys for your hobbies on ALpost here. Maybe someday those backers would like to see the return, in profit from your hobbiy builds and actually become a business.
Pavel 3 muaj më parë
Looking forward to see that Lambo with twin turbo! :P
Noel Navarrete
Noel Navarrete 3 muaj më parë
Hey guy I love your videos, just quick question do ya'll buy salvage vehicle when you rebuilding them, if you do will it still be a salvage title or is there a way to convert it to normal title? thanks in advance and many blessing to your future rebuilds!!!
Chase rood
Chase rood 3 muaj më parë
Give me the truck 😆
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 3 muaj më parë
All them nice cars on that shitty gravel drive and park on grass will rust the chassis from the ground moisture. You guy's need a real shop.
Coby jolly
Coby jolly 3 muaj më parë
I wish I could ride in a lambo I love them
AZECX 3 muaj më parë
pls rebuild nissan gtr r34 : )
Ramsey Swartz Swartz
Ramsey Swartz Swartz 3 muaj më parë
For goonzquad to drive all the rippers.They must finish the property and like when they go to the store take another one out
Basil Llewellyn
Basil Llewellyn 3 muaj më parë
yall faces during the hellcat drive as hella funny lolol
david kane
david kane 3 muaj më parë
I think you guys pretty good Dave I like this program that you got I got out there I live in Texas in Presidio Texas watching every Nite owl so I enjoyed it I’m a mechanic like a mechanic and a diesel mechanic so I am doing OK she’ll keep up the work and you think that you’re doing and also I would like to see you or see where you at if you could text me or send me a message where you live it I would like to appreciate it so I can keep in touch with you thank you very much and have a good day and God bless you both of you bless your mom and dad to the whole family God bless his soul and everything in Jesus would you
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana 3 muaj më parë
How is it you drive these cars on public roadways without license plates? That's asking to be pulled over by the police.
Nobdoy Industries
Nobdoy Industries 3 muaj më parë
Favorite truck is duramax
Nobdoy Industries
Nobdoy Industries 3 muaj më parë
My second place is the hellcat
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