The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 27

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We are making this place super modern!!! As we tear apart this house we are replacing everything with new age technology. From the Interior to the exterior, we really want the goonzquad headquarters to be super unique. We are learning a lot in the process and we are happy to share it all with you guys. This is going to end up being super epic, thanks for watching!!!
-Instagram: goonzquad
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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DomiN8 9 ditë më parë
Just a little FYI You guys are supposed to flash every joint in the hardy board and you have to nail the bottom as well thats why its so wavy and not tight together.
73PowerStroke 9 ditë më parë
U boys better be careful eating that sushi shit. Sometimes they have worms in it. I've seen it first hand. I understand alot of people eat sushi but Germans love raw hamburger meat. But us in America would die if we ate raw hamburger meat.
Vernon Kirton
Vernon Kirton 16 ditë më parë
😬All I say is “Safety Glasses, Safety Glasses, SAFETY GLASSES!”🤓 evrytime I’m watching y’all working wit either air gunning, sawing and even weed waking🤦🏽‍♂️Like u guy’s to show us stuff but also be safe at da same time, great videos... Keep up the good work🤙🏽 ... all’s it take is ☝🏽 time and you’ll learn from then🤕🥴
Danion Lustig
Danion Lustig 20 ditë më parë
I suggest whitewash The Brick, paint the trim darker gray, and paint the siding a light Gray.
Steve H
Steve H 20 ditë më parë
Who threw the pencil at 18:13? LOL
Humberto Chavez
Humberto Chavez 24 ditë më parë
Lmao thsws
Steve La Londe Jr
Steve La Londe Jr 25 ditë më parë
You need the Gradall & a work platform for it at the house better,easier & safer to work off of they can be made to be picked up from all sides !
Fifith snap
Fifith snap 26 ditë më parë
guys i think you should paint the front of the house dark grey the and the stone siding as well and the rest can go white because the windows you guys installed should match some dark stones plus it will give you guys that modern look
G. N.
G. N. 28 ditë më parë
You know, sometimes people comment on how they are doing stuff wrong and whatever in videos but I am still amazed at their drive and their relentless hard work plus all the video editing to bring these videos to us.
Will Allread
Will Allread 28 ditë më parë
You guys have me wanting to rip my vinyl siding off and put up cement boards. Y’all are hired!
robrides 29 ditë më parë
Please don't paint the stone on your house. Natural stone is much nicer.
werner viet
werner viet Muaj më parë
So this is what i would do. Paint it with the US flag colors but in camo
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan Muaj më parë
I do remodels and construction for a living and I’ve never seen a house use a 12in trim board! But I just wanted to let u guys know about that flashing u put behind the bottom trim piece, that flashing is going to do no good because u should’ve overlapped the rock with it so that the water goes down the front side of the rock and not down the back side of the rock and u put that drip edge on at the wrong location as well! And to keep the ends of each hardi plank nailed down u should’ve centered each joint where two pieces meet on a stud and that would’ve kept them from not wanting to stay down! But other then that u guys didn’t do to bad for ur first time!
Moritz Muaj më parë
Andre Adamson
Andre Adamson Muaj më parë
need to wear a mask when cutting hardie. not good for your lungs. want you guys around for a long time.
fred smith
fred smith Muaj më parë
should prime cut end of hardy. also flashing at butt joints
Francisco Ramirez
Francisco Ramirez Muaj më parë
Go easy on them ads boyz.👍🏻
Veikra Muaj më parë
candy apple red, cut and buff the whole house :p
THATSMYNAME Muaj më parë
Your building looks like business not a home
Mario Mena
Mario Mena Muaj më parë
White all around with the black trim to match windows
Chill Pineapple
Chill Pineapple Muaj më parë
Paint an American Flag on that side of the house!!!!!!!
Yall forgot to put metal flashing at all the butt joints!! Now water is gonna get behind the hardy boards!! Don't forget to caulk around everything!!
Mark's Snakepit
Mark's Snakepit Muaj më parë
Amitures! Stick with cars. Your house videos suck.
Doug Snider
Doug Snider Muaj më parë
I remember posting a long time ago that you should put DANG SON! on a I get a free one? 😜
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis Muaj më parë
White brick with a Smokey grey siding
1BAD2SS Blackhawk
1BAD2SS Blackhawk Muaj më parë
Get a set of gecko gauges for your siding install . A must . I can’t believe they didn’t offer those.
kyle s
kyle s Muaj më parë
Do earth colors
0 1
0 1 Muaj më parë
I was going to subscribe but then I noticed you idiots don't wear masks out during the pandemic.
Silverhaze78 Muaj më parë
A z or L shaped drip cap at the bottom is better because covers out and down over the stone keeping water from behind and also has a hemmed edge at the bottom to let water drip off free and clear.
Sean Roraback
Sean Roraback Muaj më parë
Camo goonzsquad shipment in from China. everyone get your cheap shit
Simple Chaos
Simple Chaos Muaj më parë
Keep up the good work guys I love that you are learning as you go! It will be a learning curve but it’s great no need for all the negative comments from the expert builders when you guys are getting after it
its_chris Muaj më parë
why do i love the advertising on the F450 door. 2:17
King Amir
King Amir Muaj më parë
“You can’t eat on empty stomach” 🤣Not the shArpest knife in the draw😂
Dan Ososkalo
Dan Ososkalo 17 ditë më parë
What's a draw?
nobody Muaj më parë
I can't believe you guys removed the most critical piece of flashing at the bottom and didn't replace it. That will be an ongoing leak until it's put back right like it was before. And then you removed the highest quality siding available to install the garbage most people get rid of. Sad ordeal what you've done to that house with junk casement windows and now the worst exterior finish on the market.
Epeli Sokidrau
Epeli Sokidrau Muaj më parë
You can't eat on an empty stomach 😂😂😂
mutembei jackson
mutembei jackson Muaj më parë
My 1 and half year daughter always imitate what you do with your hands 👐, all the way from Nairobi, Kenya.
David Lamb
David Lamb Muaj më parë
Just my opinion, but if it was my house I would leave the stone alone, give it a good wash, but natural stone is beautiful.
Robin Muaj më parë
Paint it Bone white, is a white almost light gray 🔥
Allaboutgood Times
Allaboutgood Times Muaj më parë
I’d leave the stone natural color and little darker on the hardi similar color to what it is
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Muaj më parë
House looks great with new siding!
slaphappy813 Muaj më parë
Please dont paint that brick work
fallon55 Muaj më parë
One thing to say about your siding: caulking is your friend. Between how you flashed the windows and how you installed the siding, I think you will have a lot of leaks in a few years.
Logan Lemus
Logan Lemus Muaj më parë
Do the small stone on the bottom all the way around the house
bobbycone2 Muaj më parë
Paint an American Flag on the side of the house and it will look like it's waiving in the wind!
Christopher Muaj më parë
All in all good craftsmanship for the first time for doing a whole renovation, good job!
Thirt33nOone Muaj më parë
19:27 looks like 2 eyes and a straight mouth
Jj Fogle
Jj Fogle Muaj më parë
Do the brick white, siding medium or charcoal gray, and the trim black to go with windows
Tracy Miller
Tracy Miller Muaj më parë
You boys work hard...nice to see...but you are installing the hardy board wrong...
1961fireguy Muaj më parë
Please wear a respirator when cutting cement board!! IT CAN CAUSE SILICOSIS! The dust contain silica dust which is very bad for the lungs.
B-Wild Muaj më parë
Nice work guys, just remember safety first don't point a loaded nail gun at anyone it can go off.
Davson Sivapatham
Davson Sivapatham Muaj më parë
Would you consider adding goonzquad wallets, that would be cool
Davson Sivapatham
Davson Sivapatham Muaj më parë
Heeeey guys gl with ur build
Subi Driver
Subi Driver Muaj më parë
Color should be main color brown and tan trim
Dan Sutherland
Dan Sutherland Muaj më parë
Go get yourself a set of PacTool Gecko Gauge Gives you a perfect reveal and keeps everything level!
Anfony Muaj më parë
Really hate that they cheaped out and have 2 different stones on the wall and one plastic wall
Arvin Nguyen
Arvin Nguyen Muaj më parë
Like and subscribe and comment and staytoon for the shop
Randi Massengill
Randi Massengill Muaj më parë
Did I hear you son's say you are planning on "PAINTING" the stone and/or brick"????? If I did...can I ask WHY??? It's beautiful as it is with nice pain on the siding!! The brick and stone is beautiful natural!!
Alan Galindo
Alan Galindo Muaj më parë
Guys you are going to have to redo the whole flashing on the windows and mainly the siding and brick. Theres no flashing going over the brick to avoid water and moisture going behind the brick. Not sure what regulations are over there but it can fail inspection. Also, being that the house is on top of the mountain, you will be getting so much moisture behind the walls. May not last long.
James Veigl
James Veigl Muaj më parë
Y’all put up a gate and buy one or two of those shipping containers so y’all don’t have to drag around all those tools everyday. If you got two containers, one could be a makeshift workshop. 👍🏻
rgbigdog Muaj më parë
The thing about hardee board is that you need to caulk the ares between the boards where they meet vertical and put in flashing behind it to keep out the rain.
Thethrill04 Muaj më parë
I’m glad you explained it being wavy. You could see it in the video if you have experience in siding or construction. Also that Max gun is an excellent gun. You guys doing amazing work especially considering the experience. Yes flashing goes over all windows, stone etc and house wrap over flashing. Zip tape everything around all your windows, doors etc.
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
TheDemobus/Auto creator's Muaj më parë
what cell phone do you use for recording
Str88 Gaza
Str88 Gaza Muaj më parë
If inspiration was a would b GOONZQUAD...continue to do great work..u guys are very inspirational...
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
TheDemobus/Auto creator's Muaj më parë
anyone see the subscribe on you tube on the side of the truck drawn in the dirt on the side
J Sol
J Sol Muaj më parë
"cant think on an empty stomach" thats 100% me lmaooo
J Sol
J Sol Muaj më parë
finally a proper miter saw for the goonzquad boys! those nail guns cool too
Robin Middlebrooks
Robin Middlebrooks Muaj më parë
You can also take a regular framing saw blade and turn it around backwards on the saw and it will work as well! Used to do that exact siding!
ExtensiveInc Muaj më parë
Caulk and paint....make it what it ain't
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Muaj më parë
Aweosme turning out great 👍
Hafiz JF
Hafiz JF Muaj më parë
next video please
Randy Kelly
Randy Kelly Muaj më parë
I guess saftey goggles aren't sold at ACE..
Eric Mckinney
Eric Mckinney Muaj më parë
You guys are flipping houses now? Shows your versatility. Nice job
Damn Snowflakes
Damn Snowflakes Muaj më parë
joshua norton
joshua norton Muaj më parë
Do trim in black to match the windows and white
I don't get it!!
I don't get it!! Muaj më parë
Hey guys, I've followed your channel for a long time now & love all of your vehicle videos, bit of a fantasy for a petrol head who can't afford all of those top end cars that you do, but when you started this project I wasn't sure how well it would go down with everyone else but being a plumber & property maintenance guy here in the UK I can honestly say that I've loved every moment so far, I usually watch your videos as soon as they're posted but with this series I find myself waiting & checking for a new video every day, keep up the good work guys & a big shout out to your pops, he just gets er' done!!
Mr Aaron
Mr Aaron Muaj më parë
I’d like to see you rebuild a Ford Raptor. I also hope you build lots of houses at your new headquarters
Your Daddy
Your Daddy Muaj më parë
You can paint it light gray that would look amazing
Noah Pletcher
Noah Pletcher Muaj më parë
Leave the stone natural cool and paint the house a gray
Your Daddy
Your Daddy Muaj më parë
I was waiting for the restock of the camo hoodie and when I wanted to buy it was already sold out again 🥺
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce Muaj më parë
My house had the same wavy walls to but when I painted the wavy look went away! I did a Sherwin Williams Peppercorn in low luster Resilience and it turned out great. If you want to see the way that color looks go to Michael Pierce Lenoir NC facebook. Good luck on the house guys I really have enjoyed watching the house building episodes.
Gary Dee
Gary Dee Muaj më parë
Looking fabulous, boys ! Look for a spacer called a Gecko. It spaces your Hardy planks perfectly every time !
ShayPGotEverything Muaj më parë
How many acres do you all have? Or does anyone know?
ShayPGotEverything Muaj më parë
@John Stedman thanks!
John Stedman
John Stedman Muaj më parë
They bought the land on 26th June as three adjoining parcels each of about five acres. So the total area purchased was approximately 15 acres. The total price paid was $360,000.
Walter Dominguez
Walter Dominguez Muaj më parë
Hardy Siding is originally first made in Australia and is called Hardy Plank. It was originally asbestos “Fibro”. They don’t use Asbestos any more in the Hardy Fibre Plank and sheeting any more as they were sued for Asbestosis on the lungs that went cancerous, dangerous. Even without the asbestos, don’t breathe in the dust, like stone dust, as it stuffs up your lungs.
William Jordan
William Jordan Muaj më parë
Do mountain sage on the siding as your color
lawrence spencer
lawrence spencer Muaj më parë
you need a piece of flashing when two panels come toghter
John Stedman
John Stedman Muaj më parë
That's correct. And there are many other details to consider if someone is installing siding. The manufactures of the siding that Goonzquad are using ('Nichiha') have a comprehensive website which shows exactly how it should be done correctly.
Joey Koss
Joey Koss Muaj më parë
Darker gray or navy blue would look cool!
Nathan Braida
Nathan Braida Muaj më parë
I like the original stone that's on the house, maybe paint the new siding a charcoal color
jimmyjackass Muaj më parë
OSHA Wants to meet you guy's. LOL
John Stedman
John Stedman Muaj më parë
If there sadly is an accident on the site, Goonzquad could be in serious legal trouble, because their series of videos (which are in the public domain) provide ample evidence of their arguably reckless behaviour, and the following Comments sections provided a considerable number of well argued warnings about dangerous and recurring behaviours, urging the need for common sense safety management of the project, advice which Goonzquad apparently chose to ignore.
eliminatorxx713 Muaj më parë
Those waves are common when working on siding especially on sun exposed side. Usually the studs and/or the plywood warp cause of the heat. But as a guy that used to work for a siding company you guys did great. Just minor pointer on the part where the siding joins together we usually use finish nails so that the corners don’t stick out. Keep up the great work!
Danylo Bilous
Danylo Bilous Muaj më parë
I am general contractor and it’s a pain to watch how you guys work. Do better research because small mistake can lead to huge problems. If water will get under stone you will get Rotten OSB, studs and Moldy sheet rock.
Lucifer Muaj më parë
Khabib the legend ❤️
Ben Desmonie
Ben Desmonie Muaj më parë
Dudes, I realize i'm down in the 3 k range of comments but please don't paint the stone or brick. You will be refinishing it for ever.
Wilson Andrade
Wilson Andrade Muaj më parë
17redsport q50
17redsport q50 Muaj më parë
You guys did a awesome job hanging the siding. Im not a master builder but I've learned a couple things over the years with projects ive done especially when it comes to hanging hardy boards. Instead of using nails use screws. Nails you really can't control on how deep or level you can make the board. Screws you can control the depth and line those boards up alot better. It would've almost eliminated the waves. Obviously screws are gonna cost more but in the long run you wouldn't have to worry about them backing out.
randy thomason
randy thomason Muaj më parë
Hemi orange Baha na do navy blue or grey bark grey
Elijah Guthrie
Elijah Guthrie Muaj më parë
I seen y’all today in the Track hawk
Lenny Montalbano
Lenny Montalbano Muaj më parë
missed watching you two last video i watched was the gladiator as i left for bmt and never had time to watch until now. good to be back
Amanda Copeland
Amanda Copeland Muaj më parë
Do dark gray
Kian Erakat
Kian Erakat Muaj më parë
You should keep the brick the same color and make the siding a dark charcoal grey/ black
Lone Gamer
Lone Gamer Muaj më parë
Why don't you guys wear masks anymore? Covid hasn't disappeared, wear a mask, do your part to keep everyone safe
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