The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 29

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This is a first for us!!! We are doing stone work for the very first time and we have learned so much. This house needed a good bit of remodeling which required us to remove a lot of stone. Now that we have everything where we want it, it's time to install all of the exterior fascia. This house will be finished before you know it! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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patrick darrough
patrick darrough 4 ditë më parë
ha u missed one spot of brick
SpaceFlye 8 ditë më parë
You guys matched that stone perfectly.
73PowerStroke 10 ditë më parë
It didn't take 20 guys all day to do the front of the house. It only took one hard working Mexican to do the house in one day..... and for people thinking that's a racist comment ur wrong. It is a compliment.
73PowerStroke 10 ditë më parë
Is it me or does the house look like the original owner ran out of stone and had to switch to brick cause the stone was to much money. It just looks ugly imo.
Mallan530 12 ditë më parë
I've never been a fan of painted brick or stone. I say leave it natural.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 19 ditë më parë
Hey Billy, what happend with the ring? 🙂
Julio Ortega
Julio Ortega 19 ditë më parë
If you guys pressure wash the old stone it should look like new
Daniel Graeber
Daniel Graeber 20 ditë më parë
Don't paint the natural stone. It looks so good without paint, the color combo for the hardy that Billy picked is the best imo.
Brayden Gibbs
Brayden Gibbs 22 ditë më parë
19:03 "let us know what you guys think" Billys face and laugh "yeah like they haven't already seen the thousands of don't paint comments.
GaLoS 23 ditë më parë
Am i the only one that wants them to paint the stone white? lol
Terry Thrasher
Terry Thrasher 23 ditë më parë
Please go back to cars
gtpsleeper9 24 ditë më parë
pangrac1 25 ditë më parë
Very good work with matching stones. 👍
David Kelm
David Kelm 26 ditë më parë
it's awesome ya'll sharing you're endeavors, very inspirational, thanks and good luck ! ☮
Omar Bueno
Omar Bueno 26 ditë më parë
Julien Doré annonce un feat avec SCH 😂 👉
Saston Govender
Saston Govender 26 ditë më parë
Amazing job guys!!! Your'l are inspirational 😎
Preston Villa
Preston Villa 27 ditë më parë
Daaaang son! That looks amazing, perfect match
Vaun An3matz
Vaun An3matz 28 ditë më parë
Door space: *exists* Me: "There was a door right there!" *5 minutes before the video ends* Goonzquad: "What door?"
Benbot 28 ditë më parë
Hardy boys
BigFirm Ware
BigFirm Ware 28 ditë më parë
Almost OEM wall repair?
Ronald Putty
Ronald Putty 28 ditë më parë
I wouldn't paint it it looks sweet you guys are awesome
GuillotineStare 28 ditë më parë
The boys know what they are doing. If they say something about painting the house then the Comments will pop off and the ALpost $$$ will flow!
Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy 28 ditë më parë
Y’all are stoners now
Ashton Maldonado
Ashton Maldonado 28 ditë më parë
Wear a mask in public.
Saeed Asiri
Saeed Asiri 28 ditë më parë
Glenn Crockett
Glenn Crockett 29 ditë më parë
PLEASE DON'T PAINT IT!!!! It Looks Great As Is!!
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer 29 ditë më parë
When you done missed a Goonzquad upload
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 29 ditë më parë
It only gets sweet, if you can get deep!😆
iporcupinetree 29 ditë më parë
copy one and support your boys ... really doesn't cut it anymore .... you don't need support
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. 29 ditë më parë
Looks Great- Leave it Alone- No Paint!!
Julie Ly
Julie Ly 29 ditë më parë
Lupillo 's
Lupillo 's Muaj më parë
I agree on some of he comments “DON’T PAINT THE STONE” that’s what makes a house the stone the way it looks is nice 👍🏻
Mike Mocon
Mike Mocon Muaj më parë
Enough with the god damn house. Get back to the cars
rb67mustang Muaj më parë
I'd say don't paint the stone or the brick at all. Paint the Hardy all you want, but leave the rest alone.
Sally Knight
Sally Knight Muaj më parë
Please leave the stone natural. Gives the house character. Paint the brick gray or cover with more stone. Stone will blend nicely with the gray color you picked.
James Comey
James Comey Muaj më parë
Do not paint the stone.
Clock End Farm
Clock End Farm Muaj më parë
Y'all did a great job with the stone. Don't paint it, it's too good! just paint the siding on the sides!
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Muaj më parë
stone looks great and i don't think you should paint the stone at all and paint the hardy wood white!
robrides Muaj më parë
Please don't paint the stone on your house. Natural stone looks great. Don't ruin it.
Daniel Burgin
Daniel Burgin Muaj më parë
Don’t paint the stone please
Nathan C.
Nathan C. Muaj më parë
In Oklahoma, shoo-wee! means something or someone stinks to high heaven! Somebody Farted!
Nate Rochester
Nate Rochester Muaj më parë
I don't think you guys should paint the house
Christian Rice
Christian Rice Muaj më parë
Drift track!!!
Me Muaj më parë
yea... stone has been doing fine by itself for over a billion years with no paint... DONT PAINT STONE
jgon661 Muaj më parë
Dude you guys got down on the match, Goonsquad Construction killing it
Nathan Braida
Nathan Braida Muaj më parë
Excellent work on the stone, I think it looks great. Perfect match. I would say leave it as is, and paint the hardy board a dark charcoal color. The natural color of the stone is actually beautiful in the homes surrounding.
2H80vids Muaj më parë
Great plan for the Hardie Board Billy: "paint it a dark colour, or a light colour, or something like that." I would never have thought of that. 👌👍😂 Nice job on the stick-on stone though - looks pretty damn good to me.
Paul H & friends
Paul H & friends Muaj më parë
Thomas Suchy
Thomas Suchy Muaj më parë
DO NOT PAINT the house. The stone look is beautiful. Once you paint it, you can never go back. Nice work on the stack stone! Enjoy you channel. Remind me of me about 30 years ago. Keep up the good work!
Luke Grisham
Luke Grisham Muaj më parë
all you say is dang son
Esod Mumixam
Esod Mumixam Muaj më parë
Nice work it's encouraging.
Kenneth Repscher
Kenneth Repscher Muaj më parë
Nef Muaj më parë
It's your what ever you like....
Terrell Chapman
Terrell Chapman Muaj më parë
Leave it alone
JJ Muaj më parë
that train there that's got a strong honker
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Muaj më parë
I must admit he did a good job with that old doorway matching it up.
Corrado Racer
Corrado Racer Muaj më parë
yeahh boiz!!! Keep it up! great work no matter what. Applause!!
Lydia Mannu
Lydia Mannu Muaj më parë
Im with everyone else , dont paint the stone work 👍
Scandö Jř
Scandö Jř Muaj më parë
20:11 missed opportunity to say "stoners".
Mark Muaj më parë
why does everybody seem to be driving in reverse down the mountain when they leave?
Michael Martorana
Michael Martorana Muaj më parë
don't paint stone, dark grey for both hardie and trim.... same color for both
Ares Olympius
Ares Olympius Muaj më parë
Thank you for not painting that stone! Great work!
Schumifannr Eins
Schumifannr Eins Muaj më parë
Dylan Drews
Dylan Drews Muaj më parë
Awesome work love your videos keep up the good work.
Mooching Around
Mooching Around Muaj më parë
Don’t paint the stone it is so beautiful, only natural stone is legit! Great work guys!
demarco cortez
demarco cortez Muaj më parë
Four guys is the regular number 1 to make a motor or cement 2 to gather the stone third passing the cement to the guy placing the stones on the wall
demarco cortez
demarco cortez Muaj më parë
It take a full 24 hours for it to dry and cure then you add start from bottom up so u can see if you have any weak spots or pull on the stone
Tom Ahoks
Tom Ahoks Muaj më parë
That drill ain't gonna cut it. Special one needed.
Tom Ahoks
Tom Ahoks Muaj më parë
You guys wear masks plese.
Oscar A.
Oscar A. Muaj më parë
Daaaaang son! That stonework is a beast!!!💪
Cole's Law
Cole's Law Muaj më parë
NO PAINTO THE STONE DO I NEED TO SAY IN IN A DIIFERRENT LANGUAGE?? no one wants it painted. please dont paint it...
Richard Peake
Richard Peake Muaj më parë
Good job on the wall. When are you getting a box grader to sort your spaces out :-). It'll make another great vid. Do not paint the stone :-)
Richard Peake
Richard Peake Muaj më parë
Daaaang Son keep the stone natural- Keep it clean and rustic looking. Kinder to the environment and reduces your maintenance. You know you're gonna have to re paint it some time. imagine the flaking and debris coming off it in 5-10 years.
John Hall
John Hall Muaj më parë
Joe Nason
Joe Nason Muaj më parë
Awesome job with the stone. That’s unique stone/brick work. I haven’t seen a house like that before. I like it
utuber Muaj më parë
Eddie Avalos
Eddie Avalos Muaj më parë
20:16 we’re oficial STONED GUYS
Katelynn Walther
Katelynn Walther Muaj më parë
Lefty gang💪
Barb Eames
Barb Eames Muaj më parë
Dont paint the stones there perfect as they are. Top middle grey is very nice
Tyriek Carr
Tyriek Carr Muaj më parë
The Porsche Taycan tho
Caleb Thomas
Caleb Thomas Muaj më parë
Y’all should consider getting a set of forks for the skid steer. It would make unloading the truck and moving materials around so much easier!
Jordan C
Jordan C Muaj më parë
Please please please DO NOT paint the stonework or bricks. Both look great as they are. Do paint the hardie board though. Loving your videos! PEACE 👊🏻 from the UK.
Street Wise-Ray
Street Wise-Ray Muaj më parë
Definitely no paint.
Ðisrupt Muaj më parë
your videos stopped to show up on my feed
Pika Vargas
Pika Vargas Muaj më parë
At the end of the video you guys should have said “ we are officially stoners” 🤣🤣
Jeremy Davidson
Jeremy Davidson Muaj më parë
Guys we have gone from Top Gear to Home Improvement, yikes might be time to unsubscribe🤔
Marius Be
Marius Be Muaj më parë
Don't Paint the stone, it looks perfect with the natural stone
Road Dog
Road Dog Muaj më parë
Nature already painted the stone. Don't "Home Depot" it.
Royce Burch
Royce Burch Muaj më parë
Never paint stone because you can’t unpainted it!
jacques deghorain
jacques deghorain Muaj më parë
Peindre la pierre serait ABSOLUMENT AFFREUX . De la pierre qui n'a plus une couleur de pierre n'est plus de la pierre.......Pourquoi ne pas changer aussi la couleur des feuilles de vos plantations , tant que vous y êtes ? Je crois que là , on entre dans des idées folles qui , en plus , vont enlaidir cette maison . Réfléchissez !!!
Nathan Hillebert
Nathan Hillebert Muaj më parë
You should paint the stone
Zakariya Abdullah
Zakariya Abdullah Muaj më parë
1:47 hey he’s a lefty like me it’s some bout em
Matt T
Matt T Muaj më parë
Now that they see how much it is to buy brick they don't want to paint the brick on the house anymore lol
Gino Martin
Gino Martin Muaj më parë
You stoned to far down in the back, the concrete will pour against the house and bury the stone
IRON MIKE Muaj më parë
Dudes. We need to see some car videos. These house videos r cool n all but. U need to get the in the Lamborghini and Billy in the viper and yall need to go race. Than do some burn outs. Drive to Florida with xleetus and get on the freedom track. PLZ
kyle Kizer
kyle Kizer Muaj më parë
I like the stone and brick color.
Travis Ash
Travis Ash Muaj më parë
Yes I agree with you, they should paint the stone and brick black. Paint it all black !
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital Muaj më parë
cant wait until your pour the helipad!
whitford0 Muaj më parë
Leave the stone natural and render or paint the bricks and boarding white will look killer 👍
Travis Hill
Travis Hill Muaj më parë
A small rubber thwacker is a great friend when doing stone facia
Brent Richardson
Brent Richardson Muaj më parë
wonderful work team, don't paint the rock , looks great as it is .
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