Building My Dad His Dream Truck Part 8

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This beast if finally alive! We are making some major progress on the 2012 to 2020 Dodge Ram conversion. We finally figured out one of our biggest challenges which is the cooling system. Now this thing runs like an absolute dream and we can't wait to get it finished up. We are very close to having everything figured out and then we bring in the mods. This thing is going to be awesome once its complete. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!!!
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R. 2 muaj më parë
Specific Ocean?
Zane Herrington
Zane Herrington 4 muaj më parë
So if the 2020 rad has no rad cap and the overflow tank wasn’t changed to the pressurized tank from the 2020, exactly what is going to relieve the pressure if it were to overheat? There’s no pressurized overflow with relief or rad cap (that the 2012 rad had) I noticed it was filled through the air bleed.
Aayan Shamim
Aayan Shamim 4 muaj më parë
where is he located Texas
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin 4 muaj më parë
Can anyone help me figure out what wrong with my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 ST. Everytime I try to start it it turns over and over but won’t start till the third crank. I’ve replaced the fuel pump and starter. Got a new battery and ran the computer through it. All the computer said was o2 sensors were bad and I’ve replaced those but same results. Does anyone know what’s wrong with it?
backroads living
backroads living 5 muaj më parë
Joe Newton
Joe Newton 5 muaj më parë
yes you can buy ostrich eggs 1=24 eggs lol
Shawn Lane
Shawn Lane 6 muaj më parë
Any chance of a late model, full size Harley Davidson rebuild?
don earl
don earl 6 muaj më parë
SG Flybyme
SG Flybyme 7 muaj më parë
"Dude, should we buy an ostrich....dude" 🤣🤣
Jay P
Jay P 8 muaj më parë
Incredible work ethic
Devin McDaniel
Devin McDaniel 8 muaj më parë
Buy an ostrich that would be cool but the parents would probably say heck no
Raul Soto
Raul Soto 8 muaj më parë
This boy really said specific ocean 🤣🤣
Jay Beckett
Jay Beckett 9 muaj më parë
Dang son, it's lookin' so good!
Clayton Titus
Clayton Titus 9 muaj më parë
Look for exotic auction
Clayton Titus
Clayton Titus 9 muaj më parë
U can get ostriches from live actions
Daniel Au
Daniel Au 9 muaj më parë
Thomas the inspector cat :)
Azrael Machiavelli
Azrael Machiavelli 9 muaj më parë
An ostrich egg it's equivalent as 12 or 18 regular chicken eggs. Just imagine the size of that omelette.
weirdguy 54
weirdguy 54 9 muaj më parë
Specific ocean I'm dying 😂
Shiru 10 muaj më parë
Let's buy an ostrich... That's goonz brother for you
Octane Street
Octane Street 11 muaj më parë
That paint kept throwing me off for the whole video lol, not gunna lie tho... I personally would have liked to see the entire truck that purpleish hue!
You Cant HandleTruth
You Cant HandleTruth 11 muaj më parë
TacoXD 11 muaj më parë
20:09 F
Robert Frisch
Robert Frisch 11 muaj më parë
Buying 50/50 coolant, you must like wasting money.
slaphappy813 11 muaj më parë
Dude buy an alpacca.
Darius Smith
Darius Smith Vit më parë
The energy on this channel is amazing always keeping positive moral
Tmn48 Vit më parë
Can I have one of those supermotos please
winnersphere 7
winnersphere 7 Vit më parë
Alright son lered ripp , ooooo🔥😂
joshamerican Vit më parë
You mentioned that you burned yourself before by not wearing proper welding gear. Lincoln Electric even sent you a welding jacket and sleeves. Two years later your still welding without the proper gear. Not only is this endangering you, but your setting a bad example for other beginner welders who don't know better. Otherwise, great job guys!!
Dito Surya Hendri
Dito Surya Hendri Vit më parë
Daang soon specific ocean 😁
Daniel Ogorek
Daniel Ogorek Vit më parë
Hi guys👋🏻 what song is from 7:05? All the best😉
fael Vit më parë
Please buy and rebuild the wrecked Mirage GT Gemballa. And don't let him(the owner) buy it back.
Not _Youngjustice
Not _Youngjustice Vit më parë
what color is that
TRW Woodall
TRW Woodall Vit më parë
I don't even want to know the 409 people who downvoted this!! Duuuude
2rueblue Vit më parë
Good choice in colour guys
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie Vit më parë
those chickens are sooo adorable
Camping 4x4 Victoria
Camping 4x4 Victoria Vit më parë
Next project idea: some Toyota Land Cruiser complete Comp truck/rock crawler like massive speced out engine raptor coated all over massive tyres it’ll be expensive but probably worth it I’d say like
Michael Tourenfahrer
Michael Tourenfahrer Vit më parë
The new lighting is absolutely A M A Z I N G !
Ramphonic Vit më parë
Is there a option code in the glovebox with the paint code?
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen Vit më parë
It takes 2howers ish to boil the big bird eggs 🥚
duttonb69 Dutton
duttonb69 Dutton Vit më parë
Now you got to put the 19 mirrors and tail lights on
Brandon w Tiner
Brandon w Tiner Vit më parë
I have been watching you2 for a while what are your names?bythe way?
Brandon w Tiner
Brandon w Tiner Vit më parë
get anostrich!!!
yo_carpe _diem
yo_carpe _diem Vit më parë
Do not buy an ostrich 😑
MALDIS_ FOOL Vit më parë
19:19 daaaaaang son he got some yeezys on or something XD
Project_Dusen_Spec Vit më parë
I just wanna know, does the truck have the stock cats or did this model come with the Calico?
guanobucks Vit më parë
Nice welding job on the front brackets!
Michael Titchenal
Michael Titchenal Vit më parë
Any updates on the shop project????
itsXRB Vit më parë
You guys actually looked at buying an ostrich XD
EL TiPo Vit më parë
if u dig a hole and bury a wet towel and leave it outside for a few days, when u dig it back out it will be full of wormsfor the ducks and chikens.
Trenton Pasley
Trenton Pasley Vit më parë
Unnecessarily clean paint can toss
Jesse B
Jesse B Vit më parë
It starts with an ostridge but before ya know it your a Tiger King !
reeserx1 Vit më parë
One ostrich egg is the same as 1 dozen jumbo chicken eggs.
Michael Preyer
Michael Preyer Vit më parë
I'd love to see you with an ostrich, but be careful, they will kick your ass - literally!
bull tire
bull tire Vit më parë
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Steven E
Steven E Vit më parë
Worm abuse. Reported to ASPCA
James Jewett
James Jewett Vit më parë
Who are the dumba$$es that are actually clicking on the thumbs down button? Love the content guys. Keep up the great work. I love watching your channel, it's so relaxing and cathartic to my brain.
uf28denied Vit më parë
I smell a new tshirt comin!! The specific ocean!, hahahahaha just as good as poleetz car
Miarfe Vlogs
Miarfe Vlogs Vit më parë
Miarfe Vlogs
Miarfe Vlogs Vit më parë
Oscartron Vit më parë
Was the intro scene not in the video????? lol had me in tears
Maro Z28
Maro Z28 Vit më parë
That bumper makes the truck look ugly
Viktor Fruehauf
Viktor Fruehauf Vit më parë
When your chickens are older you can feed the your compost cause they love that stuff, we have a chickens bucket and we feed them all our food scraps and they love it
Empires Violence
Empires Violence Vit më parë
Guys what happened to the car your folks got from auction
Jamil Workman
Jamil Workman Vit më parë
Dont act like we didnt see those pliers fall😂😂
Keith Reiffenstein
Keith Reiffenstein Vit më parë
Kidvette2004 Vit më parë
The inside of this truck looks just like my dads 2012 RAM...
Seb_Can Vit më parë
When you hear some of that OG goonzquad working music 12:30
Jeff Collicker
Jeff Collicker Vit më parë
It's called True Blue Pearlcoat. It's the same color as my 2016 Ram Crew Cab 1500. The metal flake in it is blue. In some light it looks purple, in the dark/shade it looks black, and in the sun it just sparkles. Red is my favorite color, but I love this blue.
Xolani Vanda
Xolani Vanda Vit më parë
Somebody help here, did he just say "nice blue like the Specific Ocean"? I love the language bloopers in this show. Lmao
blahblah Vit më parë
Self etching primer is for certain situations like preparing for top coats like primers and sealers, you should be using weldable primer between panels before welding them up. Comes in a spray can and helps fight corrosion.
Broo next time build ford raptor and mini car
Anthony Solivan
Anthony Solivan Vit më parë
Can you tell me what the paint code was on the Lamborghini Huracan.
Horus2Osiris Vit më parë
lose the ads or lose all your traffic
Joe Pelanconi
Joe Pelanconi Vit më parë
Yes just basecoat on the inner cowling and Rails.............only clear outside panels.....yeah make sure you don’t overheat the Cummins......
brody Benotti
brody Benotti Vit më parë
Y’all didn’t even delete it and tune..... fail
Ahmed Alkaabi
Ahmed Alkaabi Vit më parë
Jesus Gomez
Jesus Gomez Vit më parë
10:40 install that sub in one of your cars or trucks
Ham Mer
Ham Mer Vit më parë
“The specific ocean” - Goonzquad 2020
Josh Monroe
Josh Monroe Vit më parë
We bought 30 chickens recently for the same reason and got two ducks for the pond
Jason Hasse
Jason Hasse Vit më parë
We have 13 ducks
Everything car bro
Everything car bro Vit më parë
hey goonzquad please do a giveaway
Josh Williams
Josh Williams Vit më parë
First comment. =)
Qasim mohie el-deen
Qasim mohie el-deen Vit më parë
eddy soesanto
eddy soesanto Vit më parë
Is there is a chance you guys build an oldschool japanese car Sorry for my broken language
Lee Etheridge
Lee Etheridge Vit më parë
Specific ocean. You guys crack me up 😆
Qasem Khaled
Qasem Khaled Vit më parë
Buy a new truck for ur father , end ...
mantech vlogs
mantech vlogs Vit më parë
Nice to see you
Emrah Bekir
Emrah Bekir Vit më parë
at 21:52 anybody else noticed the coolant coming out the hose? 😂👍
Emrah Bekir
Emrah Bekir Vit më parë
eyyy, my boiz are almost at 2 mil subs! 🙌 heck yeah! subscribe “dude” 😎🤙
שי מאיר
שי מאיר Vit më parë
100% get an ostrich! Get a small one they grow up fast.
B P Vit më parë
Is it true ur gonna buy that super car???
Gerson Arias
Gerson Arias Vit më parë
Am I the only one who watches the old videos again
J R Vit më parë
Videos are great! Wonder how many times they say “actually “ lol! Love the videos tho for sure! Dang Son lmao
EpicM147_NoVa Vit më parë
When u see something cool u all was come out with that damm son.
nick crompton
nick crompton Vit më parë
i went to the specific ocean once...
Karen O
Karen O Vit më parë
I know I've said this before , but the way they treat their animals just goes to reinforce my opinion that these gentlemen are of the character the human races future lies with. A couple of awesome blokes right here.
Drew Tate
Drew Tate Vit më parë
18:58 That thing ain't going anywhere
Christian Rey Perez
Christian Rey Perez Vit më parë
I don't know why there's always a 1% percent of your viewers disliking your videos. I just think life would always be like that especially these days. 99% would follow the rules to flatten the curve but there is always that 1% who would disobey and spread the virus. But keep it up you guys, You're one of the people that gives us something like hey life ain't over, we gotta keep going. Thank you as always Goonzsquad.
Janna Hardiman
Janna Hardiman Vit më parë
I wished I knew a better way to get with y'all. For content purposes for y'all and a better looking G for me I would love for y'all to do so work for a subscriber like myself. I'm local black G37 Coupe. With the world we're living now thought maybe y'all might be interested in providing content on someone else's dime. Cut and buff, body lines could be made better, aftermarket stuff planned. mshardiman1979 at the gee mail if interested.
Lee Harris
Lee Harris Vit më parë
Dude this is insane you guys live in the same city as me. If you're ever at the Brainerd drag strip, I'll try to say what's up
Lil_Mike B
Lil_Mike B Vit më parë
Build a house/home for them??? I think that would be a great video??...
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