The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 37

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This is insane! We rented one of the coolest boom lifts ever. This piece of equipment id super capable and can reach up to 50 ft high. We got this sucker to finish up all of the painting on the house in the hard to reach areas. This house is starting to look absolutely amazing from the exterior and soon well be working on the inside. We cant wait to show you guys how it all turns out! Thanks for watching!!!
-Instagram: goonzquad
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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velvet j Her
velvet j Her Ditë më parë
I want to know what spray are you using for the paints
Saahil Jawale
Saahil Jawale 3 ditë më parë
Is it just me or is there a gun at 4:11 ?
James G
James G 4 ditë më parë
Hi, what paint gun system did you purchase? What's your review opinion on it?
301steady 4 ditë më parë
The holes in the roof are not wild-life. The holes are caused by LIGHTNING STRIKES. Lucky the house didn't burn down. Probably started raining or it was raining during the lightning strike. Check out this video for typical lightning mitigation.
David Bessler
David Bessler 4 ditë më parë
Where has Chief been? Want see how much the pup has grown.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 5 ditë më parë
You need a front deck with a hot tub, to enjoy that beautiful view...
yOu mEmE
yOu mEmE 5 ditë më parë
245 Cherokee Valley Rd Ringgold, GA 30736 United States
Mandy Reisner
Mandy Reisner 7 ditë më parë
Your dad sent me
73PowerStroke 7 ditë më parë
It's okay to pressure wash your roof with light pressure and just as long as you're not shooting the water up under the shingles that direction you want to start at the top and work your way down then you will be okay and you shouldn't have leaks just watched the water pressure on the shingles so you don't tear them
StephanieOliver 8 ditë më parë
I really don’t like the brick and stone in the front. Everything else looks great!
axel aceves
axel aceves 8 ditë më parë
Please be safe guys and use a mask when in public or around others. I would be so sad if the goon fam got sick. Plus I don’t want my content interrupted lol.
Ahydan Constantino
Ahydan Constantino 8 ditë më parë
Ayyyyyy im so hood st fixing
RANDY POPPERWELL 8 ditë më parë
are you going to put solar on the roof
RANDY POPPERWELL 8 ditë më parë
are you guts brothers or twinds
Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen
Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen 8 ditë më parë
Is it possible to make a watch tower?? Is it legal?? Could you take a foto from your self in the shopper?? And how tall could you make it ????
Nicolas Michaud
Nicolas Michaud 9 ditë më parë
Everyone in this comment section so quick to complain about everything lmao
chetan gupta
chetan gupta 9 ditë më parë
Too much talking .......not enough content or work......unlike earlier times ......
Sally Knight
Sally Knight 9 ditë më parë
Dude, stone work awesome. Keep it natural.
Ashton Maldonado
Ashton Maldonado 9 ditë më parë
Wear a mask in public.
Logan Rozengard
Logan Rozengard 9 ditë më parë
Imagine buying a 50ft man lift to clean your gutters
Henry Khali
Henry Khali 9 ditë më parë
John Grable
John Grable 9 ditë më parë
I don't think pressure washing your roof is good for the shingles
Chip 10 ditë më parë
Do solar panels on that roof.... dark panels would look sick!
Noah Boettcher
Noah Boettcher 10 ditë më parë
Y’all should rent it on the 4th of July!!
pangrac1 10 ditë më parë
How safe is to use this lift arm on such a slippery clay surface as you have? 🥶
J.R Heath
J.R Heath 10 ditë më parë
one this days one of them is either going to get hurt really bad or end up dead because they don't use safety gears on anything they do. Like for example here one is got strap on the other don't and on another video one of them flipped the ATV side ways he he had no helmet or seat belt I believe luckily he didn't get hurt from the wreck or worse get trapped under it and died from it. Just saying...... safety is important even when your on camera duh !!
Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder 10 ditë më parë
Only one wearing a Safety harness Ya should have got 2 of them
Peter Reingold
Peter Reingold 10 ditë më parë
Brave, hard-working young men. I was scared just watching. Heights is not my thing. Let's get this house finished so you can upload more car builds!
W M 10 ditë më parë
Billy, how are you going to fly a helicopter if you're afraid of heights?
Bo Andresen
Bo Andresen 10 ditë më parë
Hey man, “learning by doing” is the smart move 😉🤙🏼🤪
Douglas Morrison
Douglas Morrison 11 ditë më parë
You two like to use ALpost for research, so you may want to look at "Manlift Fails" before you use a lift again. Great show! I'm a big fan, and finally got my "Daaaang Son" shirt.
PARTHIC 11 ditë më parë
Your house looks cool
James Brown
James Brown 11 ditë më parë
Perfect for deer hunting
Motorvated Racing&Rebuild
Motorvated Racing&Rebuild 11 ditë më parë
Before you boys get on the roof order yourselves a pair of cougarpaws there boots for roofing and there amazing
Ca Jo
Ca Jo 11 ditë më parë
Stop pressure washing your shingles. Holly crap you guys are taking years off of them!
Tony Wright
Tony Wright 11 ditë më parë
What can’t the goonzquad do? Make it to the moon?
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia 11 ditë më parë
@4:12 What kind of gun is that?
Ayden Haselhorst
Ayden Haselhorst 11 ditë më parë
How old are you guys
Christian Croskey
Christian Croskey 11 ditë më parë
I know I just have to wait for this to be done to see the car material again BUT GOODNESS. I’ve been skipping ahead every video for the last like 8 or more videos lol.
mason Kermicle
mason Kermicle 11 ditë më parë
God be really cool if we could just take a CAR Repair break from all the house building I mean I get it you have the viewers locked in so you can do what you please but Christ it’s like we came for the cars we stay because we like you and support you....give us some car building action
Mitch Savini
Mitch Savini 11 ditë më parë
Lmao..."Hopefully they built this machine right!" it
Asd Swais
Asd Swais 11 ditë më parë
Dude duude duuuuuude dude
Maurice Fene
Maurice Fene 12 ditë më parë
I just remembered, what happened to the puppy?
David Bruner
David Bruner 12 ditë më parë
You guys should try to get this Hyper Car!
Campbell Ross
Campbell Ross 12 ditë më parë
You guys really need to wear a mask when spraying! You do when your painting cars, it's no different when spraying the house!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 12 ditë më parë
We need more car content
James Weaver
James Weaver 12 ditë më parë
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic 12 ditë më parë
Absolutely loving the paint choice for those gutters, looked better than I imagined it!
Brandon Huitron
Brandon Huitron 12 ditë më parë
That’s nothing compared to the houses I do they are really big and really slippery and if you guys are wondering on what I do is Christmas Lights he don’t use equipment only if the house is really really dangerous we have only used the safety equipment for only 10 houses out of 300 we do 😀👍.
Brandon Huitron
Brandon Huitron 12 ditë më parë
We have a house that is over 40 feet and we just started using safety equipment because it’s pretty tall
Josh Mord
Josh Mord 12 ditë më parë
Why not use you’re mega fork lift?
Czar Darwin D. Huevos
Czar Darwin D. Huevos 12 ditë më parë
You guys talking too much in the video nowadays, kinda boring
Why So Serious
Why So Serious 12 ditë më parë
"Skyscraper " 🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆 come to NYC Boys!
Berserker 43
Berserker 43 12 ditë më parë
80', All Wheel drive, Diesel! That's the Machine!
Juan Nunez
Juan Nunez 12 ditë më parë
Well thats the weirdest lift i seen n i used n seen alot of lift . Just wtf is one of you with out a safety harness wtf and a VERY GOOD THING TO DO AND WHAT YOU GUYS MUST N SHOULD ALWAYS DO ITS PUT SOME HAREWOOD PLANTS UNDERNEATH THE LEGS OF THE LIFT PLEASE DONT BE STUPID AND PUT HARD WOOD PLANTS LIKE DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THE LEGS.. because u r using it in the dirty where it rains alot a leg can sink in n u r done bro
Tevin Thompson
Tevin Thompson 12 ditë më parë
You have some that can drive it self
Tevin Thompson
Tevin Thompson 12 ditë më parë
I think those tz50 should have little 5.5hp honda motor
Bert de vries
Bert de vries 12 ditë më parë
Painting without sanding. How long does it had to last? Awsem colour though.
Bill Joe
Bill Joe 12 ditë më parë
Or upgrade to a metal roof some cash but will last you for ever
Bill Joe
Bill Joe 12 ditë më parë
Use np1 or some plastic cement or change the shingle if one or 2 are damage
S D 12 ditë më parë
00:32 don't run up on me like that homie.
Gumbo2000 12 ditë më parë
Anyone notice the pistol in the middle at 4:11
Tj Fast
Tj Fast 12 ditë më parë
Fun Fact: they said “Dude” over 550 times the entire video!🤣🤣🤣
Jeff shumate
Jeff shumate 12 ditë më parë
Just don't run out of gas being up so high lol
WILL BURANDT 12 ditë më parë
y'all need a huge "G" on the side of that house for Goonzsquad
Daniel Cooney
Daniel Cooney 12 ditë më parë
max is so big now
Tyson Dog
Tyson Dog 12 ditë më parë
Yall are going to look back someday at these terrible goonsquad clothes and laugh. Its called maturity
Ryan M
Ryan M 12 ditë më parë
100 videos of rebuilding this house should pay for the house, lol.
Samuel Foote
Samuel Foote 12 ditë më parë
Lambo looked like it has a lot of moisture in it
citic101 13 ditë më parë
office in the forest CRAP
Ivo Momchilov
Ivo Momchilov 13 ditë më parë
Didn't you bought a forklift that can extend high
Ivo Momchilov
Ivo Momchilov 13 ditë më parë
What about the audi when are you gonna do an update?
Angelo Russo
Angelo Russo 13 ditë më parë
I can never buy anything always sold out ,damn son
Keith Hall
Keith Hall 13 ditë më parë
I know let's get one Harness for two of us !
Fred Maxwell
Fred Maxwell 13 ditë më parë
17 November and the hoodies are all sold out. You would never get my fat rear up on that roof, I would die of a heart attack on the way there. lol
Bomzhara 13 ditë më parë
so whats happenin to the other property
Phat Korean
Phat Korean 13 ditë më parë
Man, this view makes me miss Chatt so much right now. Grats you two on all you have accomplished.
Lorenzo Mendez
Lorenzo Mendez 13 ditë më parë
Stop pressure washing the roof. I learned the hard way.
Gwen G
Gwen G 13 ditë më parë
So glad you didn't paint the trim white!! The dark trim looks awesome! Modern.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 13 ditë më parë
Billy to Simon ..... dude i'm doing all the work here - I need a raise ! Simon .... hold my beer ..... lol : )
CO OCD 13 ditë më parë
Difference between being 20 and 40. 20 - "Dude,......sketchy,....dude,.......legit,......dude, feels like a skyscraper,.......dude,....dude,..dude,. dude!" 40 - "Nah man, I am good, did that in my twenties. I'll stay down here and drink beer."
CO OCD 10 ditë më parë
@MJ I am no Spring Chicken anymore unfortunately. I love these guys though. I never thought I would follow the house build so much but I have to hand it to them, they re doing great! Have a good day DUDE! lol
MJ 10 ditë më parë
We both must be around the same age (52 here) and tired of hearing that D word! 😂 Its so annoying! It actually gives me a headache! 😞
Phat Korean
Phat Korean 13 ditë më parë
Yeah, he's a douche though. And he sent you pictures of it. Same difference, right.
CO OCD 13 ditë më parë
@Phat Korean I recall having a friend that never sent me any. He lived there for a minute.
Phat Korean
Phat Korean 13 ditë më parë
They do have Yuengling there.
Branislav Hric
Branislav Hric 13 ditë më parë
Gammer Boyz
Gammer Boyz 13 ditë më parë
you keep that gun in your truck but you safe kids
Obalu Kelvin
Obalu Kelvin 13 ditë më parë
When is the helicopter getting finished so that you land on your own front porch every morning and evening? 😂😂😂😂 daaaaang son
Zachary Turner
Zachary Turner 13 ditë më parë
Good to see the Aminals!!!
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao 13 ditë më parë
Pleae be safe bro. I wanna see more videos so take you danng a.s from the roof or i will tell Pops!!!
Ark :D
Ark :D 13 ditë më parë
You boys really need to start taking your safety seriously. It kills me to watch you both up on that lift with only one harness. I used to work for a lift company that rented out a piece similar to yours; the renter turned it over while he was in it and is now paralyzed from the waist down. TAKE YOUR SAFETY SERIOUSLY.
Michelle 13 ditë më parë
Hi guys!!!! Could you please give us an update on Chief, Max, Buddy, and Thomas? We miss the fur babies so much!!!! And could you open fan mail too? Thanks so very much!!! The house looks awesome!!!! We love the videos!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!!!! Take care. 👍🏻😬🙏🏻
Quetico Moe
Quetico Moe 13 ditë më parë
Lots of talk and almost no work. Thumbs down guys!
Ivar Hellman
Ivar Hellman 13 ditë më parë
More Car videos please
BIOS 75 13 ditë më parë
Good job boys. It looks damn good!
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe 13 ditë më parë
Hey boys you should use gladiator sometimes to run up the mountain 😶
Rob 13 ditë më parë
Love the show but its gettn too much narrating on the show.... Jst my personal opinion...
United Military
United Military 13 ditë më parë
Why didn’t y’all use your fork lift??
jolene andrews
jolene andrews 13 ditë më parë
When are you finishing off the stone work on front of property ie the big window and paint the doors to match looks really good so far fair play you doing a lovely job
Bobby playlist
Bobby playlist 13 ditë më parë
Hope that paint colour is just the undercoat colour
amit rattu
amit rattu 13 ditë më parë
Give us an update on your new dog
John Stedman
John Stedman 13 ditë më parë
Construction plant such as those seen in this episode appear to be expensive until one takes into account that they are designed and built to be used intensively by professionals, usually for eight hours a day, over 200 days a year, for 10 or 15 years, in all weather conditions, with only minimal maintenance. That is about 2,500 days of useful service from a reliable, tough and adaptable workhorse, at a cost of around $20 a day over its useful life, if used as intended. Amateurs would be better advised to hire such equipment, provided that they are capable of using it safely and are personally certified as such.
ChevySquareBody760 13 ditë më parë
Man I love watching these guys but it’s getting to the point where to much talking and not enough action...
Rob 13 ditë më parë
2 dudes, one harness? Do not kill the batteries.
MrJokerPlayz 13 ditë më parë
Where is the helicopter 😢
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