Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 3

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We are finally ripping this thing apart!!! This 2019 Ford Raptor has been involved in some sort of unusual accident which left it totaled out. Although it took a good lick, we are excited to see the extent of the damage after tearing into it. We have some awesome plans for this build and here soon were gonna make it all come together! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741

Shawn Adams
Shawn Adams 31 minutë më parë
I’m hoping you guys make this raptor a long travel truck 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎸🎸🎸🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Jason Hovey
Jason Hovey Orë më parë
Send the ZL 1 to Faster Proms
David Wishengrad
David Wishengrad Orë më parë
kill s cow to make a patch = clueless
randoff32 Orë më parë
Do you know why ford is making new heated tailgates? So when your pushing it home in the winter your hands stay warm.
Charles Kloentrup
Charles Kloentrup 3 orë më parë
What is happening with you commercial shop that is being built ?
The DocMack Car Channel
The DocMack Car Channel 4 orë më parë
You guys should really replace the Viper Windshield. It is a collectors item and you don't want things flying inside the cabin if the lamination gives up . I love the color of the Viper.
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 4 orë më parë
Super charger period lol 🤟
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 4 orë më parë
Dam son
Sniper Fish
Sniper Fish 6 orë më parë
Nice rip off name
Sand King
Sand King 7 orë më parë
2/3k for a cam??? 🤣
Abner G.
Abner G. 8 orë më parë
Bigger turbos is a must 100%
Jamal Smith
Jamal Smith 8 orë më parë
Go to HNRob rivet guns .com in Livonia Michigan. My name is jamal Smith I am from Detroit Michigan and I am one of your biggest fans keep up the good work you motivate me to become a rebuilder just like you
Master of Gamesss
Master of Gamesss 9 orë më parë
I need to send u something
Master of Gamesss
Master of Gamesss 9 orë më parë
Which state do y’all live in
Chris Miller
Chris Miller 10 orë më parë
I would look into the PR-5 Riveter by prospot.
Greg Nixon
Greg Nixon 12 orë më parë
All the auto rebuild videos that I’ve seen on ALpost have eroded any hope that I had of finding a quality used car. “You never know what you’re gonna get.”
The vigilante
The vigilante 14 orë më parë
Just love this channel...make me go crazy countless times or moments without food 🤣🤣🤣🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪👍🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼❤️🔨
Azhar Ansari
Azhar Ansari 15 orë më parë
Kaha margay thy tm dono
Reverse_Aid 07
Reverse_Aid 07 16 orë më parë
YSKGlitz 16 orë më parë
NOT A TECH???!!!, how do u guys work on cars?????
Isawong Siricharoenpanich
Isawong Siricharoenpanich 21 orë më parë
show new garage.
mohammad sadique
mohammad sadique 21 orë më parë
hey when are you gonna paint that wheel on the viper
Gu Wop
Gu Wop 21 orë më parë
Goonzquad what happened to the Z??? I don’t think you guys fully finished it.
Tommy Clement
Tommy Clement 22 orë më parë
I’ll pick up and drop off. I’m an otr truck driver.
Ted Riley
Ted Riley 23 orë më parë
You guys still haven't replaced the windshield yet on the Viper it's all busted up
Cristal Jimenez
Cristal Jimenez 23 orë më parë
Let me know my husband is a hot shot driver he will bring it to u in a day
Michael Hartloff
Michael Hartloff Ditë më parë
Glad to see you guys are past you're bob the builder stage
Ye Aung
Ye Aung Ditë më parë
A little over acting
John Matheson
John Matheson Ditë më parë
When did you do the dodge viper? 😍😍
Allen Sampley, Jr.
Allen Sampley, Jr. Ditë më parë
I think it's time to replace that windshield on the Viper before the cops pull you over and give you a big fat ticket
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter Ditë më parë
This guy is so fucking douchy
Cristian Esquivel
Cristian Esquivel Ditë më parë
I’m sure if you use aluminum spot welds it would be just as strong if not stronger than those rivets and you won’t have to spend 5 grand on the tool. You guys have weld aluminum spot welds are not to difficult to do. Just a suggestion Great videos by way.
Diesel Lover
Diesel Lover Ditë më parë
Do a giveaway and hook me up with a diesel
Randall Huls
Randall Huls Ditë më parë
$300,000+ plus of Vehicles outside, rickety Fishing boat in Garage, PRICELESS!
Maverick McQuay
Maverick McQuay Ditë më parë
Is it just me or should they get a wrecked Dodge Ram so they can have all three main trucks
Salvage Survivors
Salvage Survivors Ditë më parë
Billy: idk I'm not a technician.. Everyone: *thinks about all the cars he helped build on the channel*
Barkanelli ChasingDreams
Barkanelli ChasingDreams 8 orë më parë
He is off course techinian. What the brothers have done is awsome:)
BIG TONE Ditë më parë
my guys!!!!!!!
allenochi Ditë më parë
I build helicopters but am not a technician so let's get the shop guy to replace this car clutch
eric ward
eric ward Ditë më parë
Flatbed raptor
Chaney Ihe
Chaney Ihe Ditë më parë
Is it expensive to get a windshield replacement for a Dodge viper is that why you guys haven't replaced it yet its been almost two years
Ford Ranger2004
Ford Ranger2004 Ditë më parë
I feel bad y’all paid 1000.00 for stock raptor springs. Most people throw them away.
Ford Ranger2004
Ford Ranger2004 Ditë më parë
I did lol.
All Things Idaho
All Things Idaho Ditë më parë
Get a wide body kit for the raptor
Christian Morriswilliams
Christian Morriswilliams Ditë më parë
What's funny is that I saw a raptor same color and all 2 days ago.
kris gendreau
kris gendreau Ditë më parë
Keep up the good work guys! Can’t wait to see the Ferrari finished up! Also the vipers Ta style wing is clean the acr wing is just too over the top hope y’all can get the wheels powdered all the same colour soon!
Ty Cerget
Ty Cerget Ditë më parë
flat bed
James Meehan
James Meehan Ditë më parë
Y’all should open up a used auto sports car sales place. It would most likely be the best one in all of Tennessee, definitely would have the most badass nicest cars
James Meehan
James Meehan Ditë më parë
What ever happened to that one build y’all did where you used the Chevy Cobalt engine and parts to complete the build. I loved that build but I don’t see it sitting in the background of any of the newer videos or anything. Do y’all sell them builds when your done with them ?
Steve Purbrick Actor
Steve Purbrick Actor Ditë më parë
Milwaukee make blind SPR tools that AREN'T five grand.
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez Ditë më parë
Lmfao everything pretty dang limited 😂
Dheo Fugado
Dheo Fugado Ditë më parë
Why is it vipers windshield is crack again?
Kumardagreat G
Kumardagreat G Ditë më parë
Bring that viper to calvo Motorsports !🙌🏾
Dheo Fugado
Dheo Fugado Ditë më parë
Thats just the release bearing worn out already. Not so serious.
JookerSK Ditë më parë
Guys your really need a sponsor for some really good quality CAR COVERS .. When I see that Viper just sitting there :D
george yannelis
george yannelis Ditë më parë
pretty sure ford uses henrob spr guns to assemble, atlas copco bought them, but i think group still goes by henrob
george yannelis
george yannelis Ditë më parë
also a quick note, depending on metal stackup they use different rivet sizes (depth) and anvils on each of the guns, chances are there are 2 or 3 different ones on that box side. i've worked with a ton of these on the engineering side
LaRazaNation_ maldonadopride
LaRazaNation_ maldonadopride Ditë më parë
Why does the other brother never drive? But super glad the car rebuilds are back
Peter Weber
Peter Weber Ditë më parë
You guys need a really nice big shed to put all your cars in to keep them out of the weather and have trickle chargers on the batteries to keep them all alive . The weather just trashes cars .
Fabio Machado
Fabio Machado Ditë më parë
I'm Brazilian, I love your videos, but you could talk normal, without this forced thing
Dylan Schatz
Dylan Schatz Ditë më parë
That bedliner in the truck is sprayed by my company called Ground Effects LTD. just an FYI
D k
D k Ditë më parë
#@Babsmonstertruck check out the monster truck of kerala India 🇮🇳❤️✌️
Richard LaPenes
Richard LaPenes Ditë më parë
Can you rent that expensive tool?
Satria ardhana ra
Satria ardhana ra Ditë më parë
a little input for goonsquad to provide Indonesian subtitles because there are some people who don't speak English
Kyle02 Ditë më parë
You’s should put a flat bed with timber floors on the ford
de Caci
de Caci Ditë më parë
Hey Guys I found a Raptor here in Portugal near Oporto. amazing. ;)
Yayshe Guajardo
Yayshe Guajardo Ditë më parë
Max finally got His toy bAck it was under the viper the whole time
JC Ditë më parë
Dr. Mardez Portenier
Dr. Mardez Portenier Ditë më parë
How much did they get the raptor for at the auction?
michael moore
michael moore Ditë më parë
It’s not gonna be the clutch. It sounds the same as my truck which ate the hell out of all the synchros. My bet is your gonna need a whole new trans.
Ben Williams
Ben Williams Ditë më parë
cracked by ski
cracked by ski Ditë më parë
hey man i think the vipers windshield needs fixed! lol, but how isn’t that fixed that was a forever ago build!
Matthew Barnhart
Matthew Barnhart Ditë më parë
Viper windshield now
Lookin good bros
Kenneth Cuds
Kenneth Cuds 2 ditë më parë
Can I have the bf goodrich tires for my truck lmao
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton 2 ditë më parë
I don’t understand why you don’t just do body work on it pull the dents out bondo and paint.
William Lally
William Lally 2 ditë më parë
I hope you guys keep pops involved
Alexdag8t 2 ditë më parë
I know dat truck thats a motha effing FORD RAPTOR LMAO
Alexdag8t 2 ditë më parë
Lol all u need for the new panel is a case of pepsi and the color match should be spot on Or "OEM" lmao hahaha and everything is limited order alot so I could grab one lol
jedinachos 2 ditë më parë
I wonder if the tires on the big GMC toss rocks at the trailer + vehicle? What an epic line up of cars and truck you guys are building up. I always wonder what is next and you never dissapoint
Dezmin Aparicio
Dezmin Aparicio 2 ditë më parë
new windshield as well lol
Dezmin Aparicio
Dezmin Aparicio 2 ditë më parë
new wheels for the viper or just powder coat the stock wheels
Traxxas Hooker
Traxxas Hooker 2 ditë më parë
Call RPM . Race proven motor sports . They do some nice work . Fan the guy that Owens the place is a smart man . They can put a clutch on and a cam at the same time it would be cool if you did a episode with them
B_Gibson_Poo40sx S13
B_Gibson_Poo40sx S13 2 ditë më parë
Replace the windshield in your car’s I don’t know how that doesn’t drive you guys insane having a cracked windshield while driving
Restos & Rebuilds
Restos & Rebuilds 2 ditë më parë
I'm surprised they don't use some type of panel bond. But probably cheaper for the factory to do it this way.
Anthony Carroll
Anthony Carroll 2 ditë më parë
Idk how they work
Anthony Carroll
Anthony Carroll 2 ditë më parë
Can you buy vehicles under a thousand on Copart ?
Younghuckster 2 ditë më parë
flatbed the raptor>
So Guod
So Guod 2 ditë më parë
Someone shut the camera guy up . 😴
Frank Bob
Frank Bob 2 ditë më parë
You guys need to do a twin turbo coyote swap on this thing.
That one Speaker guy
That one Speaker guy 2 ditë më parë
If you are going to be taking the door panel off replace the speakers with Rockville 6 by 8s worth it you can buy them on Amazon wayyyyyyyy better than stock
NissanHeadAss -
NissanHeadAss - 2 ditë më parë
Wtf happened to the Viper Windshield between 11:41 and 12:03
Justin. J
Justin. J 2 ditë më parë
my roommate had a 1997 bmw e36 made that same noise just not as loud. it was the throwout bearing he had to replace so I am going to assume its not a big fix.
Hank Larzelier
Hank Larzelier 2 ditë më parë
Goonzquad version of the Hennessy velociraptor
DeLon King
DeLon King 2 ditë më parë
Come on guys you had that viper for a while and the" windshield " let's take care of that.
J Skaggs
J Skaggs 2 ditë më parë
Really want to watch this video but, these guys are hard to listen to DUDE.
Blended and Blessed Life
Blended and Blessed Life 2 ditë më parë
@Goonzquad --whats the deal with the Audi? Ever get a key or anything figured out on it?
Power House tv
Power House tv 2 ditë më parë
You should v8 swap it
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin 2 ditë më parë
New drinking game , find a goonzquad video where they don't say "with all that being said " ... for every video they do say it .. drink
o7z06vette 2 ditë më parë
Fix the window n paint that wheel already on the viper lol
khombol69 2 ditë më parë
Miss the house, but clicking the like button just hoping it’ll get you back up the mountain sooner
Jakecannom 2 ditë më parë
They sound like tv ad salesman , this is my first video probably last
gold burst
gold burst 2 ditë më parë
Too much talking boys
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