The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 79

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This is so crazy!!! We are getting so close to finishing up the headquarters project and what we have next is going to be epic! The house is turning out super sick so far and we have a few more awesome touches before its over. We cant wait to show you guys the end results! It going to blow your mind, thanks for watching!!!
-Instagram: goonzquad
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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Treyten4562 11 orë më parë
There you go @goonzquad watch that video how to fix and find a problem with your transmission
Treyten4562 11 orë më parë
Treyten4562 11 orë më parë
I know what it is happening to your ZL1 through out baring in you transmition is broke you need to change it on you ZL1
Victor Nino
Victor Nino 8 ditë më parë
Is easy to rebuild manual transmission
Ayush Sundar
Ayush Sundar 9 ditë më parë
2:23 you guys just put a winch on your in the middle of a home depot parking lot
Ayush Sundar
Ayush Sundar 9 ditë më parë
on your tralier
Wolf Red Star 1
Wolf Red Star 1 13 ditë më parë
Set water heater at 120-125
Shainsha 13 ditë më parë
Love from kanyakumari
Tushar Parihar
Tushar Parihar 14 ditë më parë
When you start rebuilding almost 80 episode dude I am waiting for garage video
Clasio 15 ditë më parë
Hearing my song in your videos still! Thanks guys!
Nathan Hovanec
Nathan Hovanec 15 ditë më parë
I had an issue like this on my 02 lancer and it turned out to just be the throw out bearing.
XimBeliever 18 ditë më parë
I so wish I could buy this car. I have a 2017 rs but would love a zl1
Tom Aiger
Tom Aiger 18 ditë më parë
check out this nice thumb down for the merch ad! dont "support" millionaires feel free to delete this comment AGAIN cowards! truth hurts, didnt it?
Phychotic Clan
Phychotic Clan 18 ditë më parë
All I heard was dude
dutch971 25 ditë më parë
I think what ever it is, you guys should 100% fix it yourselves.
Mechanical 27 ditë më parë
Process convert a 4-cycle motor to a 2-cycle motor
Chris Laughren
Chris Laughren Muaj më parë
🇨🇦 Is Pops losing weight? The trucking business is a sedentary occupation. The house build has proven beneficial to Pops health. That's just dope!
Mark's Snakepit
Mark's Snakepit Muaj më parë
Get back to the cars!!!
Carson Harris
Carson Harris Muaj më parë
Wouldn't be a goonzquad video without the arm and hand movements chang my mind
Rhino Woodworks
Rhino Woodworks Muaj më parë
So many salty comments "Must be nice to buy this, they arent car guys that, metal shavings they don't know shit this..." Yalls jealously and hate isn't a good trait. Take a note from them about being good people
Ed Win
Ed Win Muaj më parë
Guys watch out for the laser pointin into your camera! If the laserbeam is straight into the lens and it hits your sensor, it will burn the sensor chip! incident on 15:53
Brandon Purple
Brandon Purple Muaj më parë
So I’m guessing car content is coming back 👀
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft Muaj më parë
With all that gold in this house the other famous Tennesseean (is that right who knows I'm form the UK) Elvis Aaron Presley would have totally approved as Graceland also had more gold in it than a pimps jewelery box...Must be a Tennessee thing...
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft Muaj më parë
What the hell are you crushing them trailers for? You got lucky them trailers were there already as they are ready made storage for parts and whatnot whilst you are in the building process like your container you had to buy at the headquarters.... They will also probably cut down on the theft problem you said you been having round there too as if you get some decent locks on them they will make it harder for theives to just steal stuff that lying about not under lock and key and thieves dont like things to be harder and so will move on to something easier to score... just a thought...
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft Muaj më parë
Props to Pops there for hitting on the "free water"...A man after my own heart...You don't get rich paying for stuff that's for sure...
Charles Eballa
Charles Eballa Muaj më parë
Pop's smiling 👌👍👊
Naimul Islam
Naimul Islam Muaj më parë
Please go for car rebuild, because this blogs are boring...
Octane Street
Octane Street Muaj më parë
tfw pops is a better ALpostr than actual ALpostrs including myself 🙃
Pyronious520 Muaj më parë
My water heater has a nice digital display and is set to 120 f which is perfect. Your showers prolly have adjustments in the handle for setting the max temp they''ll go to regardless of your heater temp.
Richie Doobie
Richie Doobie Muaj më parë
Wow Chevy suck$ these days. Plastic slave line? Junk lol
Kaiden Manning
Kaiden Manning Muaj më parë
Put a flatbed on the f450
Richie Doobie
Richie Doobie Muaj më parë
Then they can haul the Junk Chevys they keep buying
zly ferko
zly ferko Muaj më parë
40 degreese max .. :D
Jay King
Jay King Muaj më parë
106 is max hot tub temp
Jay King
Jay King Muaj më parë
Not a professional just equipped with some decent ideas
Erik Matias
Erik Matias Muaj më parë
I’m think it’s just the clutch ,I had the same problem with my brz,my clutch went out and that noise the zl1 made was exactly how mind sounded when I pressed the clutch
Seth N.
Seth N. Muaj më parë
$6000 is insane...a whole transmission is $3500...and it should be in warranty!!!
Robin Tenghult
Robin Tenghult Muaj më parë
How can it still be new att this nr ?:/
Robin Tenghult
Robin Tenghult Muaj më parë
Take out the new and Write original insted
Fords R Us
Fords R Us Muaj më parë
Typical gm i had a sunfire that did the same thing got rid of it
yodaistheone Muaj më parë
Hopefully you boys will decide to pull the gearbox yourselves. It has been way too long since you had some car related content on your channel.
Ivo Momchilov
Ivo Momchilov Muaj më parë
Zamaeco vi tropa drugar
فهد احمد
فهد احمد Muaj më parë
شلونك حبيبي
Roo H
Roo H Muaj më parë
A lot of people stopped watching because you guys aren't working on cars much anymore, I hope you get back to that. Just not that much into "home improvements".
brandon crocker
brandon crocker Muaj më parë
I have a 2018 Silverado with the 8l90e trans and it cost about that
Ata yılmaz
Ata yılmaz Muaj më parë
first video i have watched of yours, are you gonna do more car vids?
ahhchaii Niomeeyy
ahhchaii Niomeeyy Muaj më parë
please do video fix the car😭😭😭
silvershot07 Muaj më parë
How is that not still under warranty??
Tom R
Tom R Muaj më parë
🤣 shrinkage
Larry A.
Larry A. Muaj më parë
Sounds like a throw out bearing
Danny ZR1
Danny ZR1 Muaj më parë
Sounds like a throw out beesring or input shaft forgot lol
I have subscribe like when they start doing this channel and look at them 2,3mil subs that s so great guys congratulations✌✌✌
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis Muaj më parë
Exactly what happens when u try to fix write offs thats why there cheap
Robert Vermeer
Robert Vermeer Muaj më parë
Respect Pops .. they are good boys .. You and the wife have done well..
evonne anderson
evonne anderson Muaj më parë
new trans best bet less problems
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson Muaj më parë
LEO M Muaj më parë
The chivalrous centimeter classically bruise because regret sequentially dam up a military tenor. tacit, handsomely hyacinth
tom h
tom h Muaj më parë
Typical Chevrolet
HebrewHammer 579
HebrewHammer 579 Muaj më parë
Click bait, thought they were actually done with the episodes of “this old house”
Skiridr22 Muaj më parë
I’m excited to see you guys finally break ground on the new garage 👍🏾👍🏾
carl williams
carl williams Muaj më parë
Love the blue on the Camaro really nice colour when the sun hits it
Gray Filtered
Gray Filtered Muaj më parë
Lol these guys tried to sell a faulty car with a broken transmission and they were still trying to sell it out after this whole thing
Logan Van Buren
Logan Van Buren Muaj më parë
It's a 2018 it should have zero problems. 1600 miles sounds like crap from gm
car new
car new Muaj më parë
I'm guessing they have a c8 stored away that they will be rebuilding soon
K Muaj më parë
manuals not made for americans man just dont try pls its cringe asfk
Marlon Green
Marlon Green Muaj më parë
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Muaj më parë
Came for the cars, stayed for the tiling.
Nate Toy
Nate Toy Muaj më parë
that isnt the clutch that is the drive gear
Richie Doobie
Richie Doobie Muaj më parë
Id never buy another GM product
Stobsie Muaj më parë
Andrea has certainly got the skills to pay the bills. What a team. 💪💪
Rich5.0 Muaj më parë
Them showers look great u guys really do a good job gave me some new ideas for my place
brandon neil
brandon neil Muaj më parë
Throw out bearing
Feli A
Feli A Muaj më parë
Cant wait for car content
Michael Corcoran
Michael Corcoran Muaj më parë
Where's the exhaust fans for the bathrooms?
Rafael Jesus
Rafael Jesus Muaj më parë
Mbuyiseni Mbhele
Mbuyiseni Mbhele Muaj më parë
Can I get a job as security
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis Muaj më parë
Soon they will have house, car, new shop content. Pretty smart guys.
Babiidriver Olivier
Babiidriver Olivier Muaj më parë
Not going to lie I miss the old goozquad
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Muaj më parë
Why dont you guys rebuild the cars and do giveaways, make some money back and add more content?🤷‍♂️ nice vid!🔥 @goonzquad
myinfinitestate Muaj më parë
140 degrees will burn your skin. You want it no hotter than 120 degrees or 49 Celsius. Cheers Goonz.
ayoub ibourk
ayoub ibourk Muaj më parë
Those zl1s are known for mad issues I don’t blame you guys y’all do great work on these cars that car is just shit excuse ma french
RicRey925 Muaj më parë
U guys still work on cars ? Lol
Christopher Szaraz
Christopher Szaraz Muaj më parë
Why would you make two great bathrooms with tile and then one cheap one?
Runswithwind Muaj më parë
Can we get off the house!!! I stopped watching cause I wanted the auto aspect of the channel.
Russia Power
Russia Power Muaj më parë
if you guys not going to be on site all the time, look into putting up some quality cameras on perimeter, get some time-lapse footage and security footage as well!
imsonutz Muaj më parë
Don't remind me of cars aren't made to sit lol bought a truck and the motor took a 💩 on my way back truck was supposedly sitting since about September... should've towed it home and did an oil change and checked every little thing before I took her on a 2 hour trip but I didn't so now I'm stuck with a truck with no motor and looking at spending atleast $3700 to put a used motor in it not sure what a new/reman motor cost yet.
Joe Warbel
Joe Warbel Muaj më parë
Drill a bigger hole in the back of the shower heads, they are all made with water savers. It will make alot more pressure and water come out of the head.
Bob Dilly
Bob Dilly Muaj më parë
Tanks have two elements in them set them at so as the water drops in the tank it don't burn out the element in the top of tank so set top one to spec and bottom one also so many people burn elements out cause they set top way to high and water can not stay filled enough and burn outs...
Don R
Don R Muaj më parë
Next time you need to trowel thinset onto backer board as well.
Alexandre Furtado
Alexandre Furtado Muaj më parë
This ending was amazing
Dziire Ghost
Dziire Ghost Muaj më parë
Definitely the clutch.
Donis GamingPortal
Donis GamingPortal Muaj më parë
The house is really coming along! Pops looks hella fresh with that hoodie 🤣
Killer Bean
Killer Bean Muaj më parë
The apathetic prose interspecifically twist because foam amazingly note below a likeable condition. remarkable, curved korean
brian tate
brian tate Muaj më parë
The hole in the tile for the diverter isn"t close enough to the rough in valve
Mike Sherman
Mike Sherman Muaj më parë
Isn't that 2018 Camero still covered under it's powertrain warranty? Let Chevy fix it!
DaMarcus Green
DaMarcus Green Muaj më parë
Pops got some good footage
Ari Yardeny
Ari Yardeny Muaj më parë
The issue the the Camaro could be broken linkage. That’s what happened to my Audi and it sounds exactly like that
UnholyBe4st Muaj më parë
I had my waterheater always at 45celsious. Was enough for me.
Andy Parsley
Andy Parsley Muaj më parë
Has the goonsquad ever replied to anyone every video grab your merchandise it's running out, bullshit, what happened to the dog after all the hate about cutting ears off. Unsuited.
G.E Flint
G.E Flint Muaj më parë
Sounds like a throwout bearing ripping the clutch apart.
Kabelo Ramalepe
Kabelo Ramalepe Muaj më parë
I love seeing your dad featured, solid addition 🦾
BlackAngelMtz Muaj më parë
Pops with the camera skills! He puts his Dang Son merch on and he’s ready to go!
ALPINESTAR1123 Anthony Ciaramaglia
ALPINESTAR1123 Anthony Ciaramaglia Muaj më parë
Lmao 🤣 I may have just damaged more stuff but oh well
Rhys Cashin
Rhys Cashin Muaj më parë
Put goonzaud on the trailers do not crush them and put it at the front of the place we’re the fence is
plumber802 Muaj më parë
Thumbs up for your mom and pops!!!
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