We Have Some Unfinished Business!!!

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We are super excited to be working on some good ole cars!!! We left a couple builds unfinished so quite some time as we started working on our house project. Now that we have that all finished, we are ready to build some cars. The first one is the 2016 Audi A7, which was wrecked and never worked on. Also we bring back the wrecked hellcat in order to slap on some sick mods! Cant wait to show y'all how it turns out! Thanks For Watching!!!
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david lewis
david lewis Ditë më parë
Drooling over that hellcat...dannnng son
Kidd Capalot
Kidd Capalot 2 ditë më parë
wait so is that a redeye hellcat or no? because there was a red key.
JR Auto
JR Auto 4 ditë më parë
Keep up the good work guys. 😎👍
Ace demonMT
Ace demonMT 4 ditë më parë
Red woild be a really nice color
Samson S
Samson S 5 ditë më parë
How do you get an early start late in the day? Lol I still don’t get it lol 😂 am I missing something? My favorite channel btw
romeo mushipe
romeo mushipe 5 ditë më parë
The demon hood is the best......
Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra 6 ditë më parë
What year is the Audi
Mahin singh
Mahin singh 11 ditë më parë
Red and Black and it will look like a demon u can leave the hood matte black awsomeee videos guys love them a lot❤️
Eric Struckmeyer
Eric Struckmeyer 13 ditë më parë
Chrome wrap with flat black accents (wide body kit grill) etc...
Chew87 13 ditë më parë
i love a7
Eddie Guzman
Eddie Guzman 14 ditë më parë
U should put on the HellCat a LightGrey or nardo grey Wrap with some painted yellow calipers n some carbon fiber hood 👌
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 14 ditë më parë
Damggg I’m excited for the helicopter as my dad used to be a pilot helicopters he had them at his house too with 2 emus 😏 and wide body for the hellcat that’s going to look dope I would go chrome green with black or nardo grey with red striped 👌 perfect loving the video I don’t even know what to do so much ha happend on this video I love everything deifnwlty love the car ripping 🙏 guys your doing aweosme job and what was pops working on there
Chake Tahan
Chake Tahan 16 ditë më parë
Please work on the dodge hellcat that is a decent car
Richard R
Richard R 18 ditë më parë
Gotta pay to play
Ruben Davis
Ruben Davis 20 ditë më parë
Wrap it nardo gray
Νικόλας Μακρής
Νικόλας Μακρής 21 ditë më parë
Guys please can you buy an Audi A4 B5 And fix it
Jayden Heringer
Jayden Heringer 22 ditë më parë
Wrap it velvet red
Matdream 22 ditë më parë
So good!!! Vous travaillez sur l'Audi A7. Un plaisir de vous voir sur cette voiture, je pourrais voir si des modifications peuvent être sympa à faire sur la mienne. Un bonjour de la France! :)
dustsmoke 23 ditë më parë
Couldn't stop laughing at the hose on the car at the dealership. Pretty much every audi sunroof leaks into the car so I bet that contraption of theirs is the most used tool in the service department.
Thorsten Fuchs
Thorsten Fuchs 24 ditë më parë
A boat under a Ferrari next to a Helicopter. Where else can you find something like this.😅 And btw you guys already got and Audi, it only wears an italian dress by Lamborghini. 😉
Eric Bierman
Eric Bierman 25 ditë më parë
Just paint the hellcat red
Donte Blair
Donte Blair 25 ditë më parë
Ramell Kelly
Ramell Kelly 26 ditë më parë
Wide body R8 build please 🤟🏾🤟🏾
Zac Beckham
Zac Beckham 26 ditë më parë
Wrap it destroyer gray
Juan Gallegos
Juan Gallegos 26 ditë më parë
You guys should do a r32 wide body
Anthony B
Anthony B 27 ditë më parë
Never never never flat black. It is the single worst color you can apply to a car.
Nate Leatherman
Nate Leatherman 27 ditë më parë
Wrap it in multicam black!
Shaneil Pal
Shaneil Pal 27 ditë më parë
Don't wrap it.
Ginokhu 27 ditë më parë
Where is da supra? I wanna see that rebuild
luis angel alvarado abarca
luis angel alvarado abarca 28 ditë më parë
Saludos desde México
Lukman Pajero
Lukman Pajero 28 ditë më parë
Wellcome back Goonzquad.
Simrandeep Singh Deogun
Simrandeep Singh Deogun 28 ditë më parë
Where you guys bought widebody kit
Ren 29 ditë më parë
Billy please drop the cocaine
Gamaliel Hernandez
Gamaliel Hernandez 29 ditë më parë
@ 7:24 that’s some GTA shit right there lol
Gamaliel Hernandez
Gamaliel Hernandez 29 ditë më parë
@5:41 Sis is like “Dannng son...bout time y’all fixing my car” lmao 🤣🤣🤣
jesse reck
jesse reck 29 ditë më parë
Wrap it in Vanta Black.
Nathan McCarty
Nathan McCarty Muaj më parë
@goonzquad do it in lime green with the hellcat emblem in black on the rear quarter panel. did it on my demon and it looks AMAZING. pops out and looks beautiful
Dale Thompson
Dale Thompson Muaj më parë
A matte yellow or a metallic dark green would look sweet on the charger!
Rui Lima
Rui Lima Muaj më parë
Wrap the hellcat in solid dark grey with a silver metallic strip.
Vance Edwards
Vance Edwards Muaj më parë
American flag wrap.
Clock End Farm
Clock End Farm Muaj më parë
Darn, I was really looking forward to seeing y'all work on the Audi. Pity the local dealership were jerks. :(
152tjcook Muaj më parë
Wrap the hell cat in OD green for us military folks
Justin Montanez
Justin Montanez Muaj më parë
I can send you 2 almost new audi keys
Raman Jaff
Raman Jaff Muaj më parë
Sorry, what is the name of the company for the dodge wide body kit?!
mak smith
mak smith 29 ditë më parë
Malie Diaz
Malie Diaz Muaj më parë
Where is d toyota supra
Kyle Austin
Kyle Austin Muaj më parë
If you wrap the Hellcat, maybe, a custom gunmetal Goonzquad wrap.
Dave James
Dave James Muaj më parë
Yes spray wax on a car your going to be painting lol 🤣
Irshaadware Muaj më parë
what's the name of the music at the end of the video starting at 21:20 ???
Bryce Huber
Bryce Huber Muaj më parë
Please do a matte grey wrap on the cat😍
Jin Tagle
Jin Tagle Muaj më parë
Bro i have a question but wheres is the other cars bro?
Anthony Dobbs
Anthony Dobbs Muaj më parë
I have watched a lot of these guys videos and thoroughly enjoyed them. It's nice to see a couple of hard-working young guys like these brothers who definitely are not afraid to take on a variety of projects. I particularly like the video series of when they fixed up a truck for their dad. Nice to see a couple of young guys who appreciate their parents. These guys are hard workers and respectable young men who I have never heard them say any curse words or anything inappropriate. Just seem like a couple of kind respectful humble and cool guys. Keep up the good work!👍
M Muaj më parë
Ooooooohhh dude, buy a Demon hood for the Hellcat
Rene Herrera
Rene Herrera Muaj më parë
Go for a candy apple burgundy rap on the challenger
M Muaj më parë
That 370z looking sad sitting back there
MuscleMafiaProduction Muaj më parë
They gonna get a r8 I call it. (16.8)
DemoScottGaming Lounge
DemoScottGaming Lounge Muaj më parë
Just to let you guys know some year audis are knotrious for having an engine cooling and engine issue going so I’d check what year that one is and see if it has the issues other than that audis are super fun to own and there very sporty and depending on the model it will be nimble to
Anonymous Phucker
Anonymous Phucker Muaj më parë
people want to meet your GSD:s ... pls make an episode just featuring them
AMH Canada Ltd
AMH Canada Ltd Muaj më parë
You shall need some of our equipment! Let me know! Izzy 1-877-724-4105
Ludde Rönnelöw
Ludde Rönnelöw Muaj më parë
can i get a "Dude"
Preston Hagler
Preston Hagler Muaj më parë
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo Muaj më parë
to the 500 dislikes......... why?
syahrnr sy
syahrnr sy Muaj më parë
3:51 haha 😂 TFSI ( Too Fast Super Injection)
Marlon Green
Marlon Green Muaj më parë
Hype Muaj më parë
The Transition 👀👀👀
Tyrel Madrid
Tyrel Madrid Muaj më parë
where the chopper at bois
Steve Uhlman
Steve Uhlman Muaj më parë
We need a safety glasses sponsor for these guys....
Abner Espinosa
Abner Espinosa Muaj më parë
A MATTE MILITARY green... with gloss black accents😍
CJ Ottovon
CJ Ottovon Muaj më parë
TFSI-Turbo Fuel stratified Injection. You guys are the best. Keep the energy going. God bless you guys more and more. Love from Canada
4 Wheel Builds
4 Wheel Builds Muaj më parë
Glad to see you back on cars...
Brendan Atkins
Brendan Atkins Muaj më parë
Hell cat u should do a Matte forest green
Ron van Bergen Henegouwen
Ron van Bergen Henegouwen Muaj më parë
The color of your Hell Cat. I have seen on instagram / Superautobuzzing a BMW that goes from black to gold. Black roof to gold on the undersite. Very, very, very COOL !!! Greetings from Holland
Kemario Stewart
Kemario Stewart Muaj më parë
The hellcat 🔥🔥
Douglas Staats
Douglas Staats Muaj më parë
You could try to locate the previous owner of the Audi and see if they have the key
BAHAST Kurd Muaj më parë
Wrapping it Hi gloss yellow is epic
The Hulk
The Hulk Muaj më parë
matt black are the go! that will be soooo sicccck!!!
HAMk Br br
HAMk Br br Muaj më parë
The hellcat with the purple wrap and new matt hood would be unbelievably 👌👌🤌
Horacio Torres
Horacio Torres Muaj më parë
Ok but please do not wrap it ugly like the Ferrari you guys sold
VisitMyShack Muaj më parë
christiaan7708 Muaj më parë
How about getting a Ultima RS and do the complete build guys?
Dominic nagy
Dominic nagy Muaj më parë
Destroyer grey and red stripes down the middle
Luis Aldana
Luis Aldana Muaj më parë
with the USA flag over the hood ?? for the Challenger SRT
Luis Aldana
Luis Aldana Muaj më parë
hey Goonzquad what about the Challenger SRT wrap on like urban camouflage or some colors like ...
Lore Del Sarto
Lore Del Sarto Muaj më parë
Candyapple red
Carie Saad
Carie Saad Muaj më parë
Do the Nardo Black on the Challeger. Ace Hardware sells key fobs. They might be able to program it for u for the Audi.
Bailey Peters
Bailey Peters Muaj më parë
Hellcat colour should be vivid pink
theunknown person
theunknown person Muaj më parë
Add some cool wrap designs like on the Ferrari that you guys wrapped
theunknown person
theunknown person Muaj më parë
Talking about the Hell Cat
FlexFinder Muaj më parë
lime green or bust on the challenger. only other color they look good in is purple
D D Muaj më parë
LMAOOOOOOO WHAT ARE THOSE!? That’s the whitest pasty legs I ever seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣
cadien brown
cadien brown Muaj më parë
Orange and black color scheme
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda Muaj më parë
"early start, late in the day????"
Vincent Dermience
Vincent Dermience Muaj më parë
Welcome back kids - building cars again :-)
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Muaj më parë
working on an Audi is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, even when you stop the pain is still there!! Audi needs the car to program the key to the car.
Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez Muaj më parë
Nardo gret
Frozen Eskim0
Frozen Eskim0 Muaj më parë
3m Black Rose is a super sexy color@
Lylo0203 Muaj më parë
Always Soooo Much Energy Going Down with these Guys! Peace.
Pasindu Binath
Pasindu Binath Muaj më parë
Hellcat wide body with purple is cherry on top of the cake💜
Quinten Murray
Quinten Murray Muaj më parë
Audi Rs7 bumpers, custom downpipe with exhaust and tune.
Luka Chalkanov
Luka Chalkanov Muaj më parë
Definately wrap it, but you can also buy a new big and agressive spoiler. I think some sort of a fading color would be nuts.
Johnny Luxor
Johnny Luxor Muaj më parë
Purple wrap on the Hellcat
Ray Ciarlo
Ray Ciarlo Muaj më parë
Black and white camo
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