Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Jeep Trackhawk Part 5

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Its time to completely gut this thing! We finally got some parts in from the dealership which means we are super close to getting this thing on the frame machine. We have a good ways too go but we are moving pretty quick. This is going to be fun seeing how this repair happens. Cant wait to share the entire process with you guys. Thanks For Watching!!!
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ET-_ghost 2007
ET-_ghost 2007 Muaj më parë
There is 2 speakers too in grand cherokee but its track hawk they did that to make a little space at the other side now like any other jeeps like my parents have its 2018 it have 2 speaker in the back
Damir Selimovic
Damir Selimovic Muaj më parë
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Muaj më parë
Do wear mask and use sanitizer safe..👍
Charlie Lanier
Charlie Lanier 2 muaj më parë
Can you get some tow mirrors on the dodge ram
Yusuf Akça
Yusuf Akça 3 muaj më parë
it would haven been soooooooooooo much better if they less talked less and showed more how they rebuild the cars!
Milton 3 muaj më parë
Am i tripping or are they twins
Chicas Household
Chicas Household 3 muaj më parë
Do they resale the cars??
Matt 3 muaj më parë
You guys should have rented an old red f150 to pick up all those parts
Gage Boykin
Gage Boykin 3 muaj më parë
They say dude and man every 5 seconds
SHAHABAZ SHAZZ 3 muaj më parë
Im proud of you😍
carl nichols
carl nichols 3 muaj më parë
I'm sorry but the Harmon kardon sucks My subaru came with it and I swapped all of them out with focal and a jl w7 sub sounds sooooo much better
Doo doo Baby
Doo doo Baby 3 muaj më parë
Nah they do way too much
Kenneth Rizzo
Kenneth Rizzo 3 muaj më parë
I didn't know Conor Maynard rebuild cars now😆🙂 Love the garage with those supercars💙💯
LosVision88 3 muaj më parë
were do you guys get these cars from. would like to find something like this and build them up
O JETT 3 muaj më parë
Is that the srt version
Avinash Rai
Avinash Rai 4 muaj më parë
sucker and daaaaammmmmmm are there favorite words😑
El Padre Frang
El Padre Frang 4 muaj më parë
Pretty Dang Good Videos !
Travis Taylor
Travis Taylor 4 muaj më parë
Nothin like haulin a bunch of mopar parts in your $200,000 Ford F-450 dually😂
Ngahuia Washer
Ngahuia Washer 4 muaj më parë
I love your channel from Hohepa DC
Josh A
Josh A 4 muaj më parë
guy cant name common body parts or what a cv shaft is but damn he can sure as hell restore a totaled cherokee. " those are some nice...uhmm tow package bolts right there" hahaha wtf
Ismael Carrero
Ismael Carrero 4 muaj më parë
Must be nice to have money.
٩٩气JÏNÏRÄL气 4 muaj më parë
Your words in the video more than your work and this is boring
Danny C.
Danny C. 4 muaj më parë
I love that t-shirt, all sold out. Gotta cop some more for us fans gents.
Obame Serge Spencer
Obame Serge Spencer 4 muaj më parë
it's nice to comment on the video, but I think you spend more time explaining instead of letting us follow how the work is done ⚒. several times I wanted to stop the video.
GAMES BOX G 4 muaj më parë
Good Wark bro i do wark dro 9811622025
Robert Cooper2nd
Robert Cooper2nd 4 muaj më parë
How much would u charge to fix a wrecked 2008 kia spectra lx
SSR- Experiment With Car
SSR- Experiment With Car 4 muaj më parë
Wow you know what this what i want to be in my life.. best wishes from Ceylon
Sajedah Alhamoudi
Sajedah Alhamoudi 4 muaj më parë
David Z
David Z 4 muaj më parë
I finally know why Americans love big trucks🤣
Tmn48 5 muaj më parë
Can I have one of the Super motos please?
BB the dude
BB the dude 5 muaj më parë
A McLaren would be a cool rebuild
Call Me Gamer
Call Me Gamer 5 muaj më parë
That is nice SUV, cant believe they gonna fixed that.
Mohammad Basim
Mohammad Basim 5 muaj më parë
اتمنى الرد على تعليقي انا احب مقاطعكم كثيرا
Woodeslloyd Smollett
Woodeslloyd Smollett 5 muaj më parë
Hi there, I am Micheal from Ghana. I have been watching your videos for so long. I was an auto mechanic student but got dropped out of school due to inability to pay for my fees I really love to fix cars like i have this great passion for it and i want to start my own garage but over here its very difficult because of the scarcity of tools and difficult to come by funds especially with me being a drop out. I would like to humbly ask for your help in making this dream of owning a garage a reality. Im just 22years and I can do more with the little i get Thanks so much for your kindness I hope to hear from you soon Email: whatsapp: 0241283569 Donation to the a/c 1441002236579 ecobank Ghana
charles mubanga
charles mubanga 5 muaj më parë
i have been watching since the gtr build, but i still cant tell em apart
Marqusd Mägelä
Marqusd Mägelä 5 muaj më parë
How long usually these projects takes?
alnsoor eyes
alnsoor eyes 5 muaj më parë
04:47 مكتوب عالكارتون قطع غيار اصلية 🙃
DaGoaliee30 5 muaj më parë
Other way around, the company doesnt build a trailer for your boat, the boat company has a trailer built for the boat when you buy it new. That says Regal right on it, the name of a pretty well known boat manufacturer. That came off a 2013 Regal whatever the hell, boat....It was specific built for the Regal boat when it was new. Every regal of that model, came with that exact trailer.
wirys valerio
wirys valerio 5 muaj më parë
Que vontade de me mudar pra esse país, montar uma oficina e ganhar dinheiro. Parabéns pelo vídeo, muito toooppp.
Валерий Бражевский
Валерий Бражевский 5 muaj më parë
johnthegreek1980 5 muaj më parë
They should just move in at the dealership.
Danik Subota
Danik Subota 5 muaj më parë
please add Russian subtitles.🇷🇺You have very interesting content but I don’t understand English🙁
Darshan Patel
Darshan Patel 5 muaj më parë
You guys should do the starlight headliner in this.
Brendan McCreanor
Brendan McCreanor 5 muaj më parë
Great guys, just note: forklift safety.
Ghaith Shnawa
Ghaith Shnawa 5 muaj më parë
the only 24 min video that i wouldn't skip through
pretty women & classic cars
pretty women & classic cars 5 muaj më parë
Question once you guys make repairs do y'all sale any of the cars ?
OATKUNG 5 muaj më parë
Is that scene from fnf1
OHB 5 muaj më parë
“That’s pretty dang crazy” 😂😭
hollifiel acevedo
hollifiel acevedo 5 muaj më parë
Dannnnng soooonn!!! 😂😂 love you guys
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 5 muaj më parë
why is camera guy fucking amazed by everything. like the side panel is as big as the car. fucking amazing. he isnt the smartest person is he? graduated high school?
nic peterson
nic peterson 5 muaj më parë
You guys should reach out to Miller or Lincoln to see if they'd help you out with a welder setup.
Fireboy Fj
Fireboy Fj 5 muaj më parë
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 5 muaj më parë
Great progress on Jeep, new boat trailer looks awesome, and rear taillights on dodge look good!
Stephen Lunsford
Stephen Lunsford 5 muaj më parë
If that job came into the shop all my guys would groan! You can do it though! Good luck!
BiDUAYA FRANK KALALA 5 muaj më parë
BiDUAYA FRANK KALALA 5 muaj më parë
ROXANNE 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$
Carbon Fiber Creations Washington
Carbon Fiber Creations Washington 5 muaj më parë
Elon needs that quarter glass for his cybertruck
Madan Leom Rasaily
Madan Leom Rasaily 5 muaj më parë
Hey quick question y’all, is repairing wrecked vehicles less or buying a new one?
Warren 5 muaj më parë
Billy's legs are so white yo! LOLOLOL
Fat Mack
Fat Mack 5 muaj më parë
Y’all should make a goon squad shirt that says dude!
Brothers Lawncare
Brothers Lawncare 5 muaj më parë
I need some frame work done u guys work on a 2007 Ford f150
Carr John
Carr John 5 muaj më parë
Right it's not axle shaft they are called drive shafts because provide drive to Wheels 😠😠😠
Manuel Gutierrez
Manuel Gutierrez 5 muaj më parë
So you bought the Jeep then bought all the replacement parts but you probably paid more that way then probably just buying one used or new.
Fordster5 G&V
Fordster5 G&V 5 muaj më parë
Next you try to repair a Tesla
Peter Mahoney
Peter Mahoney 5 muaj më parë
I dumped my jeep in outback Australia they're the biggest pieces of yank junk .now a 79series Landcruisdiesel 4.5lt turbo diesel eats Jeeps for unexplainable reliability .jeeps are no better than Chinese cars or Indian made cars for reliability issues
حمد الشمري
حمد الشمري 5 muaj më parë
your video is so long i suggest to be a smaller and don’t talk to much, anyway you have a great gift.{( max: 15 minutes ) with out talking.}
Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane 5 muaj më parë
Sell me that subwoofer cover :)
James Parson
James Parson 5 muaj më parë
How about a T-shirt with "goonzquad" across the top and the resemblance of your two smiling faces?
Bryan Moring
Bryan Moring 5 muaj më parë
That harness y’all found for trailer lights has to be programmed at the dealer for it to work with a trailer... just went through that with my wife’s grand Cherokee.
iporcupinetree 5 muaj më parë
start video... skip t-shirt flog ... accidentally hit the end of the vid... oh flogging t-shirt again....
Mahesh Sadashiv
Mahesh Sadashiv 5 muaj më parë
The positivity from this channel is just amazing !!
William Stephens
William Stephens 5 muaj më parë
Listen up yall....these guys are the best at content,the best at humility the best at family 👪 values, and the best at doing their trade work. They are the epitome of what I for myself can speak of I would 🙏 welcome as a son or life person. Yall are great, and much respected.
Harold Harris
Harold Harris 5 muaj më parë
Nothing but respect for you guys.... keep up the good work.
Michael Lovett
Michael Lovett 5 muaj më parë
You can actually find a good welder in a pawn shop just get it serviced after you purchase it
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez 5 muaj më parë
100 bucks that car would fail a collision impact test...
Ilir Baliu
Ilir Baliu 5 muaj më parë
Romeo Ceneta
Romeo Ceneta 5 muaj më parë
Gud job restaration pls favor iawant long sleev tshirt to me for soviner size XL
bobbycone2 5 muaj më parë
Lessons definitely learned over the years. Buy quality tools right off the bat. You spend a lot but it saves money in the long run.
simysimy9 5 muaj më parë
Silly mistakes on a chrysler product? Nooooo neverrr
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos 6 muaj më parë
AffiDesigns 6 muaj më parë
These boys get hyped up for the upgrades or installation as we do. Amazing stuff. Oooo snap.... Duuuuddeeee
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 6 muaj më parë
Sealed axles not possible
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 6 muaj më parë
What i meant to say yes the trailer axles are sealed from water but the bearings still need to be repacked every so often I do mine every year
Kenny Gudek
Kenny Gudek 6 muaj më parë
I had those break lights. When they worked it was SO COOL and great looking. But they suck ass one day working fine the next one out or so time both.
Njoss Mellon
Njoss Mellon 6 muaj më parë
Mheir Ohannessian
Mheir Ohannessian 6 muaj më parë
Your dad's smile in the videos make me smile
AbdelMalek BEO
AbdelMalek BEO 6 muaj më parë
"Hey Dude, Summer time right now!" I love these guys.
del trotts
del trotts 6 muaj më parë
Guys, is this your toughest rebuild?
عمر عبدالعزيز الحميري
عمر عبدالعزيز الحميري 6 muaj më parë
The driver seat is bend ?
TRW Woodall
TRW Woodall 6 muaj më parë
I don't see the taillight link, did I miss it?
Aaron Kintzle
Aaron Kintzle 6 muaj më parë
You should consider adding another sub to the other side in the rear. I have a 2015 grand Cherokee and I’ve been trying to figure out how to potentially do it!
david miller
david miller 6 muaj më parë
i have a 96 mariah 209 talari kind of like the one you guys have .
Matt Burton
Matt Burton 6 muaj më parë
Did I see in your video the bed is off the Ram 3500?
Tx_ Challenger94
Tx_ Challenger94 6 muaj më parë
Drinking Game : Take a shot everytime they say the word "Dude"
LectronCircuits 6 muaj më parë
Jeep was really trucked-up, but soon will be cherry. Cheers!
Not _Youngjustice
Not _Youngjustice 6 muaj më parë
who else got a shark tank commercial involving sniffing coke called BOOM BOOM
Legend17 6 muaj më parë
Nice changing the intro a little
Ray Garcia
Ray Garcia 6 muaj më parë
Wheres the link for the taillights lol
DJM 6 muaj më parë
It's not "damages" it's damage. "We got to all the damage."
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 6 muaj më parë
Can’t wait to see it finish. It’s my dream car.
Klieger k
Klieger k 6 muaj më parë
Did you have to add a resistor or another device to avoid the canbus telling you the lights were not working?
john sigafoose
john sigafoose 6 muaj më parë
I’m super happy y’all decided too. Do a track hawk. Ive been looking at getting one from coparts for a while.
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